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February 19

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1973 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF DIGITAL DATA SYSTEMMontreal Quebec – Trans Canada Telephone System introduces Dataroute, the world’s first national digital data system.

Also On This Day...

Sarajevo Bosnia – Gaetan Boucher 1959- wins 2 Gold (1000m & 1500m) and a Bronze medal in Speedskating at Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo. Here he is with his medal haul.


Also On This Day...

Stoney Creek Ontario – Adelaide Hunter Hoodless 1857-1910 founds the Federation of Women’s Institutes of Canada; motto ‘For Home and Country’; promotes pasteurization of milk as one of its main projects (her infant son died after drinking impure milk); also helps found the National Council of Women, the Victorian Order of Nurses and the YWCA in Canada.

In Other Events…
1996 Ottawa Ontario – Royal Canadian Mint unveils new $2 coin design; a bimetallic Polar Bear.
1996 Ottawa Ontario – Denver Colorado – Patrick Roy reaches 300 victories as the NHL Avalanche beat Edmonton Oilers 7-5; second youngest goaltender and 12th overall to reach the mark.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Vaclav Havel visits Canada; asks for aid in rebuilding country; President of Czechoslovakia.
1984 Sarajevo Bosnia – Brian Orser 1962- wins silver medal in figure skating at Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo.
1983 Ottawa Ontario – Joe Clark 1939- resigns as Progressive Conservative leader, but vows to fight for leadership at upcoming convention.
1970 Ottawa Ontario – Canada claims jurisdiction over waters of Northwest Passage, and between islands of Arctic archipelago.
1969 Quebec – Rene Lippe Montreal judge appointed mediator to end 18-months of rotating strikes of 70,000 Quebec teachers.
1968 Ottawa Ontario – Lester B. Pearson’s minority government loses a tax bill vote in the Commons, but win a vote of confidence Feb. 28th, after the Opposition demands that the government resign.
1955 Montreal Quebec – Bernie Geoffrion of the Montreal Canadiens scores 5 goals in a 10-2 rout of the New York Rangers.
1951 Ottawa Ontario – Canada agrees to provide $25 million for first year of six-year Colombo plan aid scheme.
1930 Quebec Quebec – Quebec legislature rejects bill to admit women to the practice of law.
1928 St Moritz Switzerland – Second Winter Olympic games close at St Moritz; the University of Toronto Grads take home Canada’s third consecutive Gold Medal in Ice Hockey.
1920 Montreal Quebec – Shareholders of the Grand Trunk Railway ratify sale to federal government, to become part of the Canadian National Railway system.
1908 New York City – Frederick Albert Cook 1865-1940 sets out for North Pole in steamer `John R. Bradley’; US explorer
1889 Ottawa Ontario – Gabriel Dumont 1838-1906 pardoned by Crown for role in 1885 Rebellion; Saskatchewan Metis leader
1860 Cape Sable Nova Scotia – Steamship ‘Hungarian’ wrecked off Cape Sable; 205 lives lost
1814 Toronto Ontario – Joseph Willcocks posthumously ejected as a member of the Parliament of Upper Canada because he turned traitor and led American raids against the Province.
1732 Quebec Quebec – Religious houses in New France forbidden to shelter fugitives from justice.
1631 Quebec Quebec – First Lutheran baptism in Canada.
In World Events…
1986 Kazakhstan – USSR launches Mir space station into Earth orbit.
1984 Sarajevo Bosnia – Phil & Steve Mahre win Gold & Silver Olympic medals in the Slalom; first brother combo to win in same event at Olympics.
1976 London England – Iceland government breaks off diplomatic relations with Britain in Cod War, after failure to agree over fishing rights in disputed waters.
1963 Moscow Russia – USSR informs US President Kennedy it is withdrawing several thousand troops from Cuba.
1959 London England – Prime ministers of Britain, Turkey and Greece sign agreement for the independence of Cyprus.
1951 Paris France – André Gide, French writer, dies at age 81.
1945 Iwo Jima – US Fifth Fleet launches the invasion of Japanese held Iwo Jima; Marines succeed March 26.
1942 Washington DC – US President Roosevelt orders detention and internment of all west-coast Japanese-Americans.
1942 Port Darwin Australia – Japanese aircraft bomb Port Darwin in World War II.
1918 Moscow Russia – Soviet Central Executive Committee issues decree abolishing all private ownership of land, water and natural resources.
1915 Turkey – Combined British and French fleet attacks the Dardanelles in World War I.
1881 Kansas – Kansas the first US state to prohibit all alcoholic beverages.
1878 Washington DC – Thomas Edison secures US patent No. 200,521 for the phonograph.
1861 Moscow Russia – Russian Tsar Alexander II abolishes serfdom.
1856 Gambier Ohio – Hamilton Smith obtains US patent on tin-type camera.
1800 Paris France – Napoleon Bonaparte declares himself First Consul in France.
1408 England – Henry IV defeats Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, at the Battle of Bramham Moor; end of Northumberland Rebellion.
607 AD Italy – Boniface III begins his reign as Catholic Pope.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
1966 Rye NY – Justine Bateman, actress, played Mallory in Family Ties.
1962 Czechoslovakia – Hana Mandlikova, tennis player, winner of 1985 US Open.
1960 London England – Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward, the Queen’s second son; Queen Elizabeth the first reigning monarch in more than a century to have a baby.
1955 Portland Oregon – Margaux Hemingway, actress, Lipstick, They Call Me Bruce.
1943 California – Mama Cass Elliot, singer, The Mamas & the Papas; Monday Monday.
1940 Detroit Michigan – William ‘Smokey’ Robinson, singer, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles; Being With You.
1924 New York City – Lee Marvin, actor, Paint Your Wagon, Cat Ballou.
1912 Wichita Kansas – Stan Kenton, orchestra leader, Music 55.
1911 Calcutta India – Merle Oberon, actor, Assignment Foreign Legion.
1843 Madrid Spain – Adelina Patti, Italian operatic coloratura, Lucia; highest-paid soprano of her day, made first recordings when she was over 60.
1743 Italy – Luigi Boccherini, composer, cellist, Minuet.
1473 Torun Poland – Nicolaus Copernicus, astronomer, discoverer of heliocentrism, that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

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  1. Posted by Ed McCready on February 19, 2011 at 10:23

    Hey George
    Judy is on her way to sell some more Kenmores today.


  2. Posted by Ed McCready on February 19, 2011 at 10:30

    I remember my Aunt Ellen McCready washing clothes in one of those huge tubs. First have to heat the water on the stove. I especially remember the bed clothes…She would begin by taking one end of the fabric and wringing out the end by rolling and squeezing and as she progressed she would sling the dry part still rolled over her shoulder and would continue that way till all was done. Then out to the clothes line using “clothes props” .In fact I’ll wager you wouldn’t have to drive very far to see these little gems still in use.


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