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1988 CALGARY HOSTS THE WORLDCalgary Alberta – Games of the XV Winter Olympiad open in Calgary.

Also On This Day...

Baddeck, Nova Scotia – J. A. D. McCurdy flies the Bell designed Silver Dart at an altitude of about 10 metres for nearly one kilometre across Baddeck Bay; first airplane flight in Canada by a Canadian; first powered flight in British Empire.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Marc Garneau 1949-
engineer, soldier, astronaut, space scientist, born on this day at Quebec City in 1949. Garneau got his bachelor of science degree in engineering physics from the Royal Military College of Kingston in 1970, and a PhD in electrical engineering from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, England, in 1973. He was a combat systems engineer on HMCS Algonquin, 1974-76, then taught naval weapon systems at the Canadian Forces Fleet School in Halifax, 1976-77, where he designed a simulator for use in training weapons officers in the use of missile systems aboard Tribal class destroyers. He was promoted to Commander and attended the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College of Toronto in 1982-83. Garneau was one of the first six Canadian astronauts selected in December 1983, and was the first Canadian to go into space, as a payload specialist on Shuttle Missions STS-41G Challenger (October 5-13, 1984) and STS-77 Endeavour (May 19-29, 1996), logging over 437 hours in space. Garneau has since served as spacecraft communicator (CAPCOM) in Mission Control during Shuttle flights.


In Other Events…
1992 Albertville France – The XVI Winter Olympic Games end in Albertville; Canada takes home two Golds – Kerrin-Lee Gartner for Downhill Skiing and the Womens Relay Short Track team for Speed Skating.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Rookie Vancouver MP Kim Campbell becomes Canada’s first female Justice Minister in Mulroney Cabinet shuffle, replacing Doug Lewis; Benoît Bouchard becomes Minister of Industry, Science and Technology.
1982 Montreal Quebec – Claude Charron 1947- resigns as PQ House Leader and from the Parti Quebecois cabinet after admitting stealing a sports jacket from an Eaton store.
1982 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa places sanctions on USSR and Poland to protest Polish martial law; not including food exports to those countries.
1979 Kelowna BC – W.A.C. Bennett dies at age 78; Premier of British Columbia from 1952 to 1972.
1970 Toronto Ontario – First presentation of Juno Awards to honour the best Canadian recording artists; the award is named after CRTC Chairman and later CBC/SRC President Pierre Juneau.
1969 Vancouver BC – Start of hovercraft service between Vancouver and Nanaimo; first scheduled hovercraft service in Canada.
1965 Quebec – Jacques Hébert gets 30 days in jail, $3,000 fine for contempt of court; for statements in book on Wilbert Coffin murder; ‘J’Accuse les assassins de Coffin.’
1965 Toronto Ontario – Ontario Medical Services Insurance Committee recommends health insurance plan similar to Alberta’s.
1965 Ottawa Ontario – Government approves collective bargaining and arbitration in the Civil Service.
1951 Korea – Canadian troops with 27th British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade make first contact with enemy.
1914 British Columbia – Fraser River rockslide nearly wipes out the area’s salmon fishing industry.
1906 San Francisco California – Tommy Burns of Hanover, Ontario, at just 5’7″ and 175 lb., defeats title holder Marvin Hart in a grueling 20 rounds to claim the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship.
1901 Ottawa Ontario – Supreme Court rules Manitoba prohibition law of 1900 null and void.
1894 Toronto Ontario – Ottawa’s hockey club refuses to go to Toronto to play in the second annual Stanley Cup game, so the Cup is awarded to the Montreal AAA (Amateur Athletic Association) for the second time.
1893 Montreal Quebec – Former Governor General Frederick Arthur, Baron Stanley of Preston awards the first Stanley Cup to the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) hockey team; says his sons enjoyed playing hockey when they lived in Ottawa.
1875 Hull Quebec – Hull incorporated as a city; formerly Wrightville.
1855 Kingston Ontario – Parliament grants £900,000 loan guarantee to Grand Trunk Railroad; flushes the Canadian economy with cash.
1838 Wallaceburg Ontario – American republican sympathizers occupy Fighting Island in the Detroit River to back Canadian rebels.
1782 Quebec Quebec – Guy Carleton, Baron Dorchester 1724-1808 named Commander in Chief of British North America.
1770 Churchill Manitoba – Samuel Hearne 1745-1792 sets out on second expedition over Barrens with Chipewyan chief Matonnabe; to find headwaters of Coppermine River.
In World Events…
1994 Moscow Russia – Russian Parliament votes to pardon Oct. 1993 rebels against President Boris Yeltsin, as well as the leaders of a 1991 hard-line Soviet coup attempt.
1994 Sarajevo Bosnia – Bosnia’s government and separatist Bosnian Croat forces agree to comprehensive cease-fire under UN auspices.
1981 Madrid Spain – Lt. Col. Antonio Tejero and a group of civil guards try to take over the Spanish parliament in a coup attempt.
1980 Lake Placid New York – US speedskater Eric Heiden wins all 5 Gold Medals at Lake Placid Winter Olympics.
1970 Georgetown Guyana – Cheddi Jagan becomes first PM of the new country of Guyana, formerly British Guiana, an independent republic within the Commonwealth.
1958 Havana Cuba – Juan Fangio, 5-time world driving champion, is kidnapped by Cuban rebels.
1954 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – Dr. Jonas Salk heads first mass inoculation with his Salk polio vaccine.
1945 Iwo Jima Japan – US Marines take Japanese island of Iwo Jima 1200 km south of Tokyo after severe fighting; a bronze statue in Arlington Cemetery showing troops raising the flag on the summit of the island is based on a famous photo.
1944 Moscow Russia – Soviet dictator Josef Stalin dissolves Republic of Chechnya, accusing the country of collaborating with Nazis; forces one million Chechens into exile.
1942 Ellwood California – Japanese submarine fires on California oil refinery.
1922 France – Henri Landru executed for the crime of having 11 wives.
1919 Italy – Benito Mussolini breaks with Socialists, founds his own Fasci del Comattimento (Fascist) party.
1917 St. Petersburg Russia – Russians riot in Petrograd to protest food shortages caused by World War I.
1905 Chicago Illinois – Rotary Club founded by lawyer Paul Percy Harris and three others.
1904 Washington DC – US acquires control of Panama Canal Zone for $10 million.
1898 Paris France – Novelist Emile Zola imprisoned for writing his ‘J’accuse’ letter accusing the government of anti-Semitism and wrongly jailing Captain Alfred Dreyfus.
1866 Bucharest Romania – Charles, Prince of Hohenzollern becomes King Carol I of Romania, as King Alexander Cuza forced to abdicate.
1861 Texas USA – By a popular referendum, Texas becomes the 7th state to secede from the Union.
1852 Capetown South Africa – British troopship HMS Birkenhead sinks off South Africa, killing 420.
1848 Boston Massachusetts – John Quincy Adams, 6th US President, dies of a stroke at age 80.
1836 Texas – General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna with several thousand Mexican troops starts siege of Alamo mission held by 145 Texans under Colonel Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett; siege ends March 6 with all the Texans killed.
1821 Rome Italy – John Keats dies of tuberculosis at age 25; English Romantic poet .
1455 Germany – Johannes Gutenberg prints the first book, the Bible; approximate date.
303 AD Rome Italy – Emperor Diocletian orders general persecution of Christians.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
1940 USA – Peter Fonda, son of Henry, brother of Jane, actor, Easy Rider, the Trip.
1939 Columbus Ohio – Majel Barrett, actress, wife of Gene Rodenberry, played Deanna Troi’s mother in Star Trek TNG.
1904 USA – William L Shirer, historian, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
1883 Pasadena California – Victor Fleming, film director, The Wizard of Oz, Gone With the Wind.
1868 Massachusetts USA- William EB Du Bois, civil rights leader, author, The Souls of Black Folk.
1744 Germany – Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the banking House of Rothschild.
1685 Halle Germany – George Frederic Handel, baroque composer.
1633 England – Samuel Pepys, diarist.

<!– “Is there a man amongst us who forgets that when Papineau was struggling for the rights of his race and for the constitutional liberty which we to-day enjoy, his principal coadjutors were John Nelson, the Scotchman, and O’Callaghan, the Irishman?”
Wilfrid Laurier
Speech in Quebec

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