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February 24

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1905 WHAT A WAY TO TREAT LORD STANLEY'S MUGOttawa Ontario – Members of the Ottawa Silver Seven, winners of the Stanley Cup, celebrate their victory by booting the cup onto the frozen Rideau Canal; Captain Harry Smith retrieves it unharmed the following day.

Also On This Day...

Edmonton Alberta – Oiler Wayne Gretzky scores his 77th goal of the season to break Phil Esposito’s single-season NHL scoring record; adds goals 78 and 79 before the game ends; en route to his awe-inspiring 92 goal season. Here he is with the Stanley Cup.


Also On This Day...

Ottawa Ontario – Queen Elizabeth authorizes the Coats-of-Arms of the Yukon and North West Territories.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Helen Shaver 1951-
actor, was born on this day in 1951 at St Thomas, Ontario. Shaver has starred in Who Has Seen the Wind, Bethune, In Praise of Older Women, The Craft, Born to be Wild, Desert Hearts, The Color of Money, The Amityville Horror, Starship Invasions, WIOU. For more, check out the Internet Movie Database.
Also Manon Rhéaume 1975-
hockey goaltender, was born on this day in 1975 at Trois-Rivières; goalie for Les Draveurs; first female NHL player; played for Canadian Women’s Hockey team at Nagano Olympics.

Also John Vernon 1932-
actor, was born Adolphus Vernon Agopsowicz on this day in 1932 at Montreal. Vernon has starred in The Outlaw Josey Wales, National Lampoon’s Animal House (Dean Vernon Wormer), Chained Heat, Hostage for a Day, Dirty Harry, Hunter, Point Blank, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. For more, check out the Internet Movie Database.

Also Richard Scott 1825-1913
Canadian Secretary of State 1874-78, 1896-1908, was born on this day in 1607 at Prescott Ontario; died in Ottawa Apr 23, 1913. Scott grew up in Ottawa and was elected Mayor in 1852. He sat in the provincial parliament and was appointed Senator in 1874 by Alexander Mackenzie.


In Other Events…
1993 Ottawa Ontario – Brian Mulroney announces he is stepping down as Prime Minister and Progressive Conservative Party leader; says his biggest disappointment was the failure of the Meech Lake Accord; Justice Minister Kim Campbell will win the June Tory leadership convention.
1986 Ottawa Ontario – Tommy Douglas dies; former Saskatchewan CCF Premier and national NDP leader was the first in North America to bring in government Medicare health plan.
1982 Alberta – Dome Petroleum and Hudson’s Bay Oil and Gas withdraw from $13.5 billion Alsands project.
1982 Ottawa Ontario – Canada proposes cutting sulphur dioxide emissions by 50% by 1990; with equal US pledge, to reduce acid rain; no US response.
1976 Ottawa Ontario – Federal government tables new criminal legislation, including abolition of hanging, increased minimum sentences for murder, stricter gun control and greater wire-tapping power for police.
1972 Ellesmere Island NWT – Panarctic Oils makes first oil discovery in the Arctic, on Ellesmere Island.
1963 Fredericton New Brunswick – New Brunswick proclaims its official flag.
1925 Washington DC – Canada and US sign boundary treaty; create International Lake of the Woods Control Board.
1915 Armentières France – Canadian Corps takes over 6.5 km section of trench line near Armentières.
1887 Montreal Quebec – T.C Keefer 1821-1915 presides at the first meeting as founding President of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers.
1887 Vancouver BC – Vancouver loses city charter after failing to control rioting against Chinese immigrants.
1875 Provencher Manitoba – Louis Riel 1844-1885 re-elected for Provencher and again expelled and declared an outlaw.
1843 London England – Charles Metcalfe, Baron Metcalfe 1785-1846 appointed Governor-General of Canada; serves from March 30, 1843 to Nov. 26, 1845
1797 Saint John New Brunswick – Political rivals John Coffin and James Genie fight a duel; neither is killed, as the combatants fire into the air, and honour is restored.
1663 Paris France – King Louis XIV 1638-1715 cancels charter and takes over assets of the Company of One Hundred Associates (or Company of New France) which was given exclusive rights over fur trading in the New World in exchange for promises to colonize; also takes over other private trading and colonizing charters; New France made a royal colony of New France; law courts come into existence.
1662 Quebec Quebec – Bishop François de Laval announces that those selling liquor to the Indians will be excommunicated from the Church.
In World Events…
1991 Iraq – Saddam Hussein refuses Allied ultimatum to leave Kuwait; US and Allies begin ground war assault on Iraqi troops.
1980 Lake Placid New York – USA Olympic hockey team beats Finland 4-2 and wins the Gold Medal.
1974 Bangladesh – Pakistan officially recognizes Bangladesh, the former East Pakistan.
1968 Detroit Michigan – Gary Unger starts NHL consecutive game record of 914 hockey games.
1968 USA – Jocelyn Bell discovers first pulsar star using radio telescope.
1966 Ghana – Coup ousts Kwame Nkrumah, founding President of Ghana.
1964 USA – Cassius Clay [later Mohammed Ali] beats Sonny Liston for boxing’s Heavyweight Championship.
1949 White Sands New Mexico – US V-2 adaptation, the WAC-Corporal, is the first rocket to reach outer space, 400 km up.
1948 Prague Czechoslovakia – Communist coup takes over government of Czechoslovakia.
1946 Argentina – Juan Peron elected president of Argentina.
1942 USA – Voice of America (VOA) broadcasts first short-wave radio programs, directed against Germany, in German; today operates under the United States Information Agency (USIA).
1940 Los Angeles California – Frances Langford records song When You Wish Upon a Star at Decca records for Walt Disney’s Pinocchio.
1938 Arlington, New Jersey – Dupont makes first nylon toothbrush bristles.
1924 Miami Beach Florida – Johnny ‘Tarzan’ Weissmuller breaks the world’s record in the 100-meter swim race in a time of 57 2/5 seconds.
1918 Estonia – Estonia declares independence from Russia; ratified in 1920 Peace treaty.
1917 Washington DC – German plan to get Mexican help in WW I exposed by US Naval intelligence; Zimmerman telegram.
1917 St.Petersburg Russia – Russian revolution breaks out.
1895 Havana Cuba – Start of Cuban war of independence from Spain.
1881 Panama – De Lesseps’ Company starts construction work on the Panama Canal.
1868 Washington DC – US House of Representatives votes 126 to 47 to impeach President Andrew Johnson.
1857 Washington DC – US Government orders first perforated postage stamps.
1848 Paris France – King Louis-Philippe abdicates; 2nd French republic declared.
1839 Washington DC – William S. Otis of Philadelphia patents the steam shovel.
1821 Mexico City – Mexico celebrates independence from Spain
1779 Vincennes Indiana – George Rogers Clark captures Vincennes from the British.
1711 London England – George Frederick Handel premieres his opera Rinaldo.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
1956 Napperville Illinois – Paula Zahn, TV journalist, news anchor, ABC, CBS This Morning.
1955 California – Steven Jobs, cofounder of Apple Computer.
1938 Brooklyn NY – James Farentino, actor, Dead and Buried, Dynasty, Cool Million, The Story of a Woman, Ensign Pulver, The Final Countdown.
1934 Italy – Bettino Craxi Italy’s first Socialist premier.
1885 USA – Admiral Chester Nimitz, commanded US Pacific fleet and all Allied Forces in the SW Pacific in WWII; signed the Japanese surrender papers.
1890 USA – Marjorie Main (Mary Tomlinson) actress, Ma of Ma and Pa Kettle, The Egg and I, The Harvey Girls, Friendly Persuasion.
1874 USA – Honus (John) Wagner ‘The Flying Dutchman’, shortstop for Pittsburgh Pirates 1900-17; baseball Hall of Famer.
1852 Ireland – George Moore, novelist, Esther Waters.
1836 USA – Winslow Homer, painter, On a Lee Shore, Mending the Nets, Eating Watermelon, Inside the Bar, The Maine Coast, Gulfstream.
1786 Germany – Wilhelm Karl Grimm, story teller, author with brother Jakob of Grimm’s Fairy Tales: Rumpelstiltskin, Snow-White, The Sleeping Beauty, Tom Thumb.
1557 Vienna Austria – Matthias, Holy Roman emperor 1612-19.
1500 Spain – Emperor Charles V, King of Spain 1516-56.

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