Inverness Volunteer Fire Department Honours Members

Joyce MacDonald

Years of service pins: (L-R): Donnie MacKinnon, Alex Spears, Bill MacIsaac, David Clarke, Francis MacLellan, and Chief Michael MacIsaac.  


The Inverness Volunteer Fire Department held its annual banquet on Saturday, February 19th. Fire chief Michael MacIsaac reported that between January 1st and December 31st, 2010, the Inverness department responded to 35 calls. These included 3 vehicle fires, 2 motor vehicle accidents, 3 structure fires, 2 chimney fires, 2 grass and brush fires, 2 power pole fires and 5 calls for assistance from neighbouring departments.

“The fact that that’s rising can be a good thing or a bad thing,” said MacIsaac.

He said it’s a bad thing if the neighbouring departments can’t get enough volunteers or are having more major incidents, but it’s a good thing if they feel more confident to call on neighbouring departments when they need help.

The Inverness department purchased a new equipment van in 2010, a 2008 diesel GMC which is currently at the station and ready to go out on calls. They also purchased some new bunker gear and did renovations to the fire hall. These included a new roof, siding, steps and rain gutter. The department also registered with registry of joint stocks in 2010.

Three new members joined the Inverness department in 2010. MacIsaac welcolmed Bradley MacIsaac, Verne MacDougall and John Patrick MacIsaac to the team.

The officers and executive of the Inverness Volunteer Fire Department for 2011 are

Chief Michael MacIsaac, deputy chief Scott Campbell, assistant deputy chief Bill Dunphy, air captain Kevin Musgrave, truck captain John O’Connor, hose captain Gerry Poirier, ladder captain Clifford Lelievre, training officer Bill Dunphy, president James MacKay, vice president Paddy Poirier, secretary Sean MacKinnon, treasurer Joe O’Connor and hall and welfare committee chairs Bill MacIsaac and Ian Poirier.

The Ladies’ Auxiliary recognized Mary Merlin for more than 20 years of service in the kitchen and wherever the group has done their fund-raising. They presented the fire department with a cheque for $12,000 raised in 2010.

Francis MacLellan and David Clarke were recognized for 10 years of service on the fire department. Michael MacIsaac was recognized for 15 years. Gary MacInnis, Dylan MacIsaac and Elliot Sears were honoured for 25 years of service. Joe MacDonald and Donnie MacKinnon were honoured for 35 years on the fire department.

“On behalf of all the firefighters, I want to thank our spouses and our families for supporting what we do,” said MacIsaac.

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