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February 26

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1857 CANADA ASKS THE QUEEN TO CHOOSEToronto Ontario – The Assembly of the Province of Canada formally requests Queen Victoria to choose a new permanent capital, after deadlock between supporters of Quebec, Montreal, Kingston and Toronto; originally in Montreal, the capital was moved to Kingston after Tory riots in 1849, then Quebec, then Toronto.

Also On This Day...

Lake Tahoe California – Anne Heggtveit wins the Gold Medal in Slalom at the 8th Winter Olympic games in Squaw Valley; from Chelsea, Quebec, Heggtveit is the first Canadian to win Gold in skiing; she also takes the FIS World Slalom and Alpine Combined titles this year.


Also On This Day...

Geneva Switzerland – Goaltending great Jacques Plante 1929-1986 dies at his home near Geneva at age 57; born Jan 17, 1929 at Mount Carmel Quebec; a six time Vezina trophy winner (five in a row with the Montreal Canadiens 1955-60); Plante introduced the protective goalie mask to hockey after being hit in the face in New York Nov 1, 1959.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Hagood Hardy 1937-1997
musician, composer, born on this day at Angola, Indiana in 1937; dies in Toronto on New Year’s Day 1997. Raised in Oakville, Ontario, Hardy started his professional career at age 18 playing the vibes at the House of Hamburg and other Toronto jazz clubs. He toured with jazz artists like George Shearing in the 1960s, and wrote commercial and ad tunes. In 1975 he struck gold when his instrumental piece, The Homecoming, adapted from an older Salada Tea jingle, became a Billboard Hot 100 and international hit. Hardy has composed music for many films and TV shows, including the score for Anne of Green Gables. For more on Hardy check out Jam on Canoe .
Also Jim Crichton 1953-
rock & roll bassist, songwriter, keyboardist, of Saga, was born on this day in 1953 in Ontario.


In Other Events…
1979 Manitoba/Saskatchewan – Total solar eclipse crosses western Canada, casting a moving shadow 250 km wide.
1975 Ottawa Ontario – Jean Marchand 1918- resigns as Quebec leader of the federal Liberal Party; stays on as Minister of Transport
1971 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa starts program to raise Francophone numbers in the Canadian Armed Forces to at least 28%.
1968 Ottawa Ontario – Mitchell William Sharp 1911- Finance Minister ‘repatriates’ US $426 million currency and gold deposited with the International Monetary Fund; to drive up the value of the Canadian dollar.
1960 Quebec Quebec – Quebec government allows Quebec universities to accept $41 million in federal grants held in trust.
1954 Ottawa – Dag Hammarskjold United Nations Secretary-General starts two-day visit to Ottawa.
1945 Rhine Germany – Canadian Army Sergeant Aubrey Cosens wins VC for bravery in Rhine fighting.
1942 Vancouver BC – Government starts evacuating 21,000 Japanese Canadians from coastal regions of British Columbia to interior work camps; under War Measures Act.
1920 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian Parliament opens in newly rebuilt Centre Block; sessions were held in the Museum of Nature after the disastrous Feb. 13 1916 fire.
1851 Toronto Ontario – George Brown 1818-1880 helps found Toronto Anti-Slavery Society.
1838 Pelee Island Ontario – Rensselaer Van Rensselaer invades Pelee Island in Lake Erie with 500 American sympathizers of the Canadian rebels; until March 3
1826 Montreal Quebec – George Simpson c1787-1860 given authority over both Northern and Southern departments of the Hudson’s Bay Company; William Williams recalled after opposition from North West Co. partners
1820 London England – George Simpson c1787-1860 appointed Associate Governor of Rupert’s Land for the Hudson’s Bay Company.
1798 Manitoba – David Thompson 1770-1857 sets off up Red River to explore headwaters of Mississippi.
In World Events…
1995 London England – Barings Bank collapses after huge losses run up in Singapore by trader Nick Leeson.
1993 New York City – Terrorist bomb explodes at World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring over 1,000.
1991 Kuwait City – Kuwaiti resistance leaders declare they have control of their capital; Gulf War.
1990 Prague Czech Republic – Moscow starts pulling its 73,500 troops out of Czechoslovakia; agrees to be out by July 1991.
1984 Beirut Lebanon – Last US Marines in multinational peacekeeping force leave Lebanon.
1981 France – French Tres Grande Vitesse (TGV) high speed train averages 380 kph on trial run.
1981 Minneapolis Minnesota – Boston Bruins and Minnesota north Stars play most penalty-filled NHL game – a record 406 minutes total infractions for one brawl.
1980 Tel Aviv Israel – Egypt and Israel establish diplomatic relations, end 30 years of war.
1976 Madrid Spain – Spain cedes Western Sahara to Morocco and Mauritania.
1973 USA – Triple Crown champion horse Secretariat sold for a record $5.7 million.
1961 Morocco – Prince Hassan accedes to throne of Morocco as King Hassan II, after sudden death of father Mohammed V.
1952 London England – British Prime Minister Winston Churchill announces that Britain has developed its own atomic bomb and will test it in Australia.
1942 South Pacific – US Navy flier Don Mason sends message, ‘Sighted sub sank same’.
1940 New York – US Air Defense Command established at Mitchell Field on Long Island.
1936 Saxony Germany – Adolf Hitler opens first factory for production of the Volkswagen – the People’s Car.
1935 England – Robert Watson-Watt demonstrates first RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) operation.
1935 Germany – Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering starts Luftwaffe operations.
1933 San Francisco California – Golden Gate Bridge ground-breaking ceremony held at Crissy Field.
1919 Washington DC – US Congress establishes Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and Acadia (Lafayette) National Park in Maine.
1916 Atlantic – German Navy sinks French transport ship Provence II, killing 930.
1901 China – Chi-hsui and Hsu Cheng-yu, leaders of the Boxer Rebellion, beheaded in public.
1885 Berlin Germany – Otto von Bismarck hosts 15 nations at the Congress of Berlin; agreement on partition of Africa awards Congo to the Belgian King and Nigeria to England.
1848 London England – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish The Communist Manifesto.
1832 Moscow Russia – Czar Nicholas I abolishes the Polish constitution and replaces it with one imposed by Russia.
1839 England – Running of the first Grand National horse race.
1815 Elba Italy – Napoleon leaves Elba with 1,200 supporters to start 100-day re-conquest of France.
1797 London England – Bank of England issues first one-pound notes.
1616 Rome Italy – Inquisition delivers injunction to Galileo.
1531 Lisbon Portugal – Great Lisbon Earthquake kills up to 30,000 people.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
1932 Kingsland Arkansas – Johnny Cash, country singer, I Hear the Train Coming.
1922 Birmingham England – Margaret Leighton, actress, Astonished Heart.
1920 Tulsa Oklahoma – Tony Randall, actor, Felix in The Odd Couple, Love Sidney.
1916 USA – Jackie Gleason, actor, The Honeymooners, Smokey & the Bandit.
1866 USA – Herbert Henry Dow, chemical manufacturer.
1852 USA – John Harvey Kellogg, surgeon, pioneered flaked cereal industry.
1846 Davenport Iowa – William ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody, buffalo hunter, wild west showman.
1845 St Petersburg Russia – Alexander III, Tsar of Russia 1881-94.
1808 France – Honoré Daumier, painter, lithographer, caricaturist.
1802 France – Victor Hugo, author, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
1361 Austria – Wenceslas of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperor 1378-1400.

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