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March 01

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1988 GRETZKY ALL-TIME ASSIST LEADEREdmonton Alberta – Edmonton Oiler Wayne Gretzky picks up assist No. 1,050 in a game against the Los Angeles Kings, becoming the NHL’s all-time assist leader; he breaks the 26-year mark of Gordie Howe in only 681 games, vs Howe’s 1,767 games.

Also On This Day...

Montreal Quebec – Clarence Decatur C. D. Howe 1886-1960 opens first Trans Canada Air Lines transcontinental passenger service from Montreal to Vancouver; Minister of Industry, Trade aned Commerce.


Also On This Day...

Regina Saskatchewan – Nicholas Flood Davin 1843-1901 publishes the first issue of the Regina Leader; today’s Leader-Post is Saskatchewan’s oldest surviving newspaper; here’s a picture of the Leader office in about 1885. Davin was an Irish lawyer who served as a war correspondent in the Franco-Prussian War, came to Canada in 1872 and worked for the Toronto Globe before heading west.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Alan Thicke 1947-
actor, TV host, comedy writer, producer, born Jeffery Thicke on this day at Kirkland Lake Ontario in 1947. Thicke has appeared in Thicke of the Night, Animal Crack-Ups, and as Growing Pains’ Jason Seaver and Hope and Gloria’s Dennis Dupree.
Also George Généreux 1935-
trap shooter, was born on this day in 1935. In 1952, at age 17, Généreux won the Clay Pigeon Trapshooting World Championship and the Olympic Gold Medal in Trap Shooting at Oslo.



In Other Events…
1995 Toronto Ontario – Real estate developer Bramalea Inc. seeks court protection from its creditors; for the second time in the 1990s.
1991 Hamilton Ontario – Maclean-Hunter sells CHCH-TV to WIC Western International Communications for $46 million.
1989 Toronto Ontario – Track coach Charlie Francis tells Dubin Inquiry that his pupil Ben Johnson and other athletes knowingly took banned steroids; testifies Johnson started using steroids in 1981; Johnson also admits guilt in testimony that June.
1983 Ottawa Ontario – Federal government drops rule requiring licences for private ownership of satellite TV dishes.
1981 Edmonton Alberta – Alberta cuts oil production to protest Ottawa’s energy policy; Ottawa replies by compensation charge as Energy Minister Marc Lalonde matches Alberta cutbacks by a ‘Lougheed Levy’ to subsidize imports.
1978 Ottawa Ontario – Parliament revises Canada Elections Act, ending political party status for seven groups; twelve parties stay officially registered.
1976 Edmonton Alberta – Alberta Government founds Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund with windfall oil royalties.
1974 Victoria BC – BC Court of Appeals rules Indian child can be adopted by non-Indian parents without losing status.
1971 Toronto Ontario – William Grenville Davis 1929- takes office as Premier of Ontario.
1965 Kejimkujik Nova Scotia – Parks Canada announces $6 million to develop Kejimkujik National Park in southwestern Nova Scotia.
1965 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa unveils design for $18 million Centre for Performing Arts in National Capital; with 2,300-seat opera, 900 seat theatre and 300 seat studio.
1965 La Salle Quebec- Gas explosion kills 28 in apartment complex in La Salle.
1963 Victoria BC – BC government establishes Victoria College as the University of Victoria; founds Simon Fraser University in Burnaby.
1953 Washington DC – US removes embargo on Canadian livestock placed after outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in 1952.
1945 Hochwald Germany – Canadian Army Major Frederick Tilston wins VC for bravery in Hochwald Forest.
1944 Ottawa Ontario – Government ends meat rationing.
1943 Dawson Creek BC – Work begins on the Alaska highway.
1943 Ottawa Ontario – Founding of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps as part of the Canadian forces; CWACs have full military titles and hold commissions.
1927 London England – Judicial Committee of the Privy Council decides in favour of Newfoundland claim on Labrador boundary; long-standing dispute between Newfoundland and Quebec; two years earlier, Newfoundland had offered to sell Labrador to Quebec for $30 million.
1917 Edmonton Alberta – Founding of the Alberta Provincial Police Force.
1888 Ottawa Ontario – Post Office starts first parcel post service between Canada and the US.
1878 Hampton New Brunswick – G. & G. Flewwelling lease New Brunswick’s first telephones.
1815 Quebec – Disbanding of Lower Canada militia after War of 1812.
1755 Quebec Quebec – Jean-Armand Dieskau 1701-1767 appointed commander of the French regular troops in Canada.
1751 Paris France – Jean-Louis, Comte de Raymond c1702-1771 appointed Governor of Ile Royale [Cape Breton Island] with headquarters at Louisbourg.
1632 Paris France – Samuel de Champlain appointed first Governor of the royal colony of New France.
In World Events…
1996 Washington DC – US says Colombia failing in anti-drug efforts; no longer qualifies for aid and loans.
1992 Riyadh Saudi Arabia – King Fahd of Saudi Arabia starts political reforms, ceding some powers to Assembly.
1983 USA – Tamara McKinney becomes first US woman skier to win the World Cup.
1982 Venus – Russian spacecraft Venera 14 makes a soft landing on Venus; sends back data.
1981 Belfast Northern Ireland – Irish Republican Army member Bobby Sand begins hunger strike in Maze Prison.
1974 Washington DC – US grand jury issues indictments against seven of President Richard Nixon’s top aides, including John Ehrlichman, in the Watergate case.
1973 Ireland – Liam Cosgrave new Prime Minister of Ireland as Fine Gael and Labour Party coalition win General Election.
1973 USA – Robyn Smith becomes first female jockey to win a major race.
1972 USA – Wilt Chamberlain the first NBA player to score 30,000 points.
1970 Zimbabwe – White government of Rhodesia makes a unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) from Britain.
1966 Ireland – Soviet spacecraft Venera 3 makes a hard landing on Venus; world’s first spacecraft to land on another planet.
1959 Nicosia Cyprus – Archbishop Makarios returns to Cyprus from exile.
1954 Bikini – US conducts successful hydrogen bomb test on the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.
1950 London England – Dr. Klaus Fuchs convicted of passing British and American atomic secrets to the Soviet government.
1950 Taipei Taiwan – Chiang Kai-shek resumes presidency of the Nationalist Chinese government.
1967 Caribbean – Dominica and St Lucia gain independence from Britain.
1961 Washington DC – President John F. Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps of third world volunteers.
1947 Washington DC – International Monetary Fund (IMF) starts operations.
1941 Nashville Tennessee – First US commercial FM radio station goes on the air – station W47NV; today over 80% of US broadcasting is FM.
1941 Sofia Bulgaria – Bulgaria joins Axis Powers and lets German forces enter the country.
1932 New Jersey – Charles Lindbergh Jr., the aviator’s 20-month-old son, is kidnapped; found dead May 12.
1913 Washington DC – US Federal Income Tax comes into operation under the 16th Amendment.
1912 St. Louis Missouri – Captain Albert Berry of the Jefferson Barracks makes world’s first parachute jump from a moving airplane; from an altitude of 1,500 feet at 50 mph.
1910 Steven’s Pass Washington – Snow slide buries three passenger trains at Steven’s Pass in Cascade Range, killing 118; worst in US history.
1896 Adowa Ethiopia – 80,000 Ethiopians defeat 20,000 Italians at the Battle of Adowa; end of Italian hopes of building an African empire.
1873 Ilion New York – E. Remington and Sons start manufacturing the world’s first practical typewriter.
1872 Washington DC – Creation of Yellowstone Park; world’s first national park.
1803 Nebraska – Nebraska becomes the 37th state of the Union.
1847 Michigan – Michigan the first English-speaking state to abolish the death penalty, except for treason against the state.
1815 France – Napoleon lands in France from the island of Elba, where he retired after being forced to abdicate in April 1814.
1811 Egypt – Egypt’s ruler, Mohammed Ali, massacres the leaders of the Mameluke dynasty.
1810 Stockholm Sweden – Sweden the first country to appoint an ombudsman, Lars August Mannerheim.
1803 Ohio – Ohio becomes the 17th state of the Union.
1781 New York City – US Continental Congress adopts The Articles of Confederation.
1780 Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania the first US state to abolish slavery.
1692 Salem Massachusetts – Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne and black slave Tituba arrested for witchcraft in Salem.
1642 York Maine – York Maine incorporates; first American settlement to do so.
1562 Vassy France – Catholics massacre more than 1,000 Huguenots at prayer in Vassy, starting the First War of Religion.
1498 Mozambique – Vasco da Gama lands at what is now Mozambique, en route to India.
1 BC Rome Italy – Start of revised Julian calendar in Roman Empire.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
1954 Oklahoma – Ron Howard, actor, The Andy Griffith Show, Happy Days, American Graffiti; director of Cocoon, Backdraft, Splash, Apollo 13.
1944 England – Roger Daltry, singer with The Who, Pinball Wizard, Won’t Get Fooled Again, Tommy; solo, Without Your Love, Giving It All Away; actor, Tommy, Lisztomania, The Legacy, McVicar.
1927 Harlem New York – Harry Belafonte, calypso singer, The Banana Boat Song, Jamaica Farewell, Mary’s Boy Child; actor, Island in the Sun, Buck and the Preacher; UNICEF goodwill ambassador; father of Shari.
1926 USA – Pete (Alvin) Rozelle, NFL Commissioner 1960-89.
1924 Sparta Wisconsin – Donald K. (Deke) Slayton, Major USAF, Apollo 18 astronaut, July 1975; Chief of Flight Operations at Johnson Space Center.
1919 USA – Lawrence Ferlinghetti, beat poet, Coney Island of the Mind.
1917 Winchester Tennessee – Dinah (Frances) Shore, singer, Dear Hearts and Gentle People, Yes My Darling Daughter, Anniversary Song, Buttons and Bows, Blues in the Night; won 10 Emmy Awards for The Dinah Shore Chevy Show.
1917 USA – Robert Lowell, pacifist, poet, Lord Weary’s Castle [1947], The Dolphin [1974].
1910 Kirriemuir Scotland – David Niven, actor, Separate Tables (Academy Award 1958), The Moon is Blue, Paper Tiger, The Pink Panther, The Guns of Navarone, Around the World in 80 Days, Casino Royale.
1904 USA – Glen Miller, bandleader: Moonlight Serenade, In the Mood, Little Brown Jug, Chattanooga Choo-Choo, String of Pearls, Tuxedo Junction, Perfidia; led WWII U.S. Army Air Force Band.
1810 Poland – Frédéric Chopin, composer, pianist, Concert in F Minor; lover of George Sand.

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