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March 02

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1729 LET THEM PLAY CARDSParis France – King Louis XV 1710-1774 authorizes a new issue of playing card money in New France; not enough printed bills or coinage to pay the troops; Governor at Quebec allowed to sign playing cards as specie.

Also On This Day...

Biloxi Mississippi – Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville 1661-1706 builds Fort Maurepas on the Gulf of Mexico; French control now extends all the way down the Mississippi River.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Al Waxman 1935-
actor, born on this day at Toronto in 1935. Waxman played the title role in the CBC situation comedy King of Kensington (1975-80), and has acted in Cagney & Lacey (1981-88), Meatballs 3, Spasms.
Also Gordon Thomson 1945-
soap actor, was born on this day at Ottawa Ontario in 1945. Thomson has played Adam Carrington in Dynasty and the Colbys, Aristotle in Ryan’s Hope, Mason Capwell in Santa Barbara.


In Other Events…
1993 Ottawa Ontario – Supreme Court allows proceedings to be televised for the first time; a hearing on taxation.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Supreme Court rules Manitoba Metis Federation can go to court to claim Red River Valley land promised in 1870s.
1990 Canada – Mark Tewksbury swims the 50m Backstroke in a world record time of 25.06 seconds. He also wins the Commonwealth Games 100m Gold this year.
1982 Halifax Nova Scotia – Ottawa and Nova Scotia sign agreement on offshore resources; Ottawa keeps final say on development; ownership of offshore resources still not settled.
1982 Ottawa Ontario – Progressive Conservative members boycott Parliament for two weeks; to protest of American Energy Security Bill.
1977 Washington DC – Francis Fox 1939- signs agreement in Washington for exchange of prisoners with US; Canadian Solicitor-General.
1976 Toronto Ontario – Time magazine puts out last Canadian edition; loses advertising after Ottawa changes tax laws.
1972 Pickering Ontario – Ottawa plans new international airport in Pickering Township, 48 km east of Toronto; immediate protests from local residents.
1971 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian Transport Commission orders CN to continue Super Continental passenger service; despite financial losses.
1970 Ottawa Ontario – Keith Spicer 1934- appointed Canada’s first Commissioner of Official Languages.
1970 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa stops foreign takeover of Denison Mines, Canada’s largest uranium mining company, by US interests.
1965 Montreal Quebec – Lucien Rivard, jailed while fighting extradition to US on narcotics charges, escapes from Montreal prison using a garden hose to climb a prison wall; charges of bribery connected with the escape result in resignation of Justice Minister Guy Favreau; Rivard caught four months later, extradited to US, sentenced to 20-years.
1951 Ottawa Ontario – National Defence publish first Canadian casualty list from Korea; six soldiers killed.
1947 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa hit with 48.3 cm snowfall, one of its biggest single day March snows.
1943 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian budget introduces unique pay-as-you-earn income tax system.
1932 Ottawa Ontario – Senate rejects Bill to legalize sweepstakes.
1923 Washington DC – Canada signs Halibut Treaty with US to preserve North Pacific fish stocks; Canada’s first independent international treaty; didn’t need UK signature.
1916 Toronto Ontario – Queen’s Park passes Temperance Act.
1901 Toronto Ontario – Ontario starts $1 million highways program.
1878 Quebec Quebec – Conservative Premier of Quebec Charles-Eugene Boucher de Boucherville 1822-1915 dismissed from office by Lieutenant-Governor Luc Letellier de St-Just; for keeping financial dealings secret; Liberal Henri-Gustave Joly de Lotbinière 1829-1908 asked to form new government.
1877 Belleville Ontario – City of Belleville incorporated.
1877 Brantford Ontario – City of Brantford incorporated.
1831 Toronto Ontario – Upper Canada Assembly passes act legalizing marriages by Methodist ministers.
1648 Paris France – Louis d’Ailleboust de Coulonge et d’Argentenay c1612-1660 appointed Governor of New France; serves from August 20 to October 20, 1651.
In World Events…
1996 Australia – Paul Keating’s Labor Party defeated in Australian elections, after 13 years of rule.
1995 Australia – Giulio Andreotti ordered to stand trial on charges of Mafia membership; seven-times Italian prime minister.
1990 South Africa – Nelson Mandela elected Deputy President of the African National Congress.
1989 Hong Kong – First Vietnamese boat people to volunteer to return home left Hong Kong.
1986 London England – Queen Elizabeth II signs The Australia Bill, formally severing last constitutional ties with Britain.
1981 Pakistan – Al-Zulfiqar terrorists hijack Pakistani airliner with 148 passengers; released unharmed on March 15 after Pakistan frees 55 political prisoners.
1976 Orlando Florida – Walt Disney World gets 50-millionth guest.
1974 Myanmar – Burmese military rule ends, new constitution takes effect with Ne Win becoming President.
1972 Cape Canaveral Florida – NASA launches US spacecraft Pioneer 10, to slingshot by Jupiter and Neptune before leaving the solar system.
1970 Zimbabwe – Rhodesia adopts new constitution after UDI, turning the country into a republic.
1970 USA – American Airlines flies first flight of a Boeing 747.
1969 Toulouse France – First of two prototype Concordes makes maiden flight.
1962 New York City – Wilt ‘The Stilt’ Chamberlain scores NBA record 100 points, as the Philadelphia Warriors beat the New York Knicks 169-147; also NBA record for most field goal attempts (63), most field goals made (36), most free throws made (28), most points in a half (59), most field goal attempts in a half (37), most field goals made in a half (22), and most field goal attempts in one quarter (21). The 316 total points scored tie an NBA record.
1962 Myanmar – Burmese army led by Ne Win seizes power in a coup, ousting U Nu.
1958 Antarctica – Dr. Vivian Fuchs completes first crossing of Antarctica by land.
1956 Fez Morocco – France recognizes Morocco’s independence by canceling the Treaty of Fez.
1949 Fort Worth Texas – USAF B-50 Superfortress Lucky Lady II under Captain James Gallagher completes first non-stop round the world flight; flew 37,742 km in 94 hours 1 minute.
1946 Hanoi Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh elected President of North Vietnam.
1943 New Guinea – Battle of the Bismark Sea rages; Allied planes sink 12 Japanese ships carrying reinforcements to New Guinea, killing nearly 4,000.
1940 New York City – First televised intercollegiate track meet on W2XBS won by New York University; live action from Madison Square Garden.
1938 Moscow Russia – Josef Stalin starts show trials of suspected Soviet leaders.
1929 Chicago Illinois – Chicago Black Hawks shut-out for NHL record 8th straight game.
1927 New York City – Babe Ruth signs 3-year contract with the New York Yankees of $70,000 a year, becoming baseball’s highest paid player.
1923 New York City – Henry Luce and Briton Hadden publish first issue of their weekly periodical, Time; the magazine has 32 pages, features charcoal sketch of Congressman Joseph Gurney Cannon on the cover.
1917 Moscow Russia – Tsar Nicholas II of Russia abdicates; provisional government under Georgy Lvov takes over.
1915 Israel – Vladmir Jabotinsky forms a Jewish military force to fight in Palestine.
1899 Washington DC – President McKinley signs bill creating Mount Rainier National Park, 5th in the US.
1917 Washington DC – Jones Act grants US citizenship to residents of the new Puerto Rico territory.
1882 Windsor England – Roderick Maclean makes unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Queen Victoria; later declared insane.
1876 USA – Rutherford B Hayes elected US President.
1836 Texas – Texas declares independence from Mexico.
1807 Washington DC – US Congress bans the slave trade effective January 1 1808.
1801 Spain – Spain attacks Portugal with the help of France; the War of the Oranges fought when Portugal refuses Napoleon’s demand to cede much of the country.
1776 Boston Massachusetts- American revolutionaries start shelling British troops in Boston.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
1962 Sayreville New Jersey – Jon Bon Jovi (John Bongiovi) singer, musician, songwriter: You Give Love a Bad Name, Living on a Prayer.
1952 Los Angeles California – Laraine Newman comedienne, actress, Saturday Night Live.
1950 New Haven Connecticut – Karen Carpenter, drummer, singer, Grammy Award-winning group The Carpenters; Best New Artist, Group w/Vocal: Close to You (1970), We’ve Only Just Begun, Top of the World, Please Mr. Postman.
1949 USA – Eddie Money (Mahoney) country musician, singer, guitarist, Take Me Home Tonight.
1944 USA – Lou Reed (Firbank), singer, songwriter, guitarist, Velvet Underground; solo, Walk on the Wild Side, Charley’s Girl; I Love You Suzanne; appeared in Paul Simon film, One Trick Pony.
1942 USA – John Irving, author, Cider House Rules, The World According to Garp.
1931 Russia – Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet leader 1985-91; author of perestroika.
1931 USA – Tom Wolfe, journalist, author, The Bonfire of the Vanities, The Right Stuff.
1919 Oklahoma – Jennifer Jones (Phyllis Isley), Academy Award-winning actress: The Song of Bernadette (1943), A Farewell to Arms, Carrie, Love is a Many-Splendored Thing, The Towering Inferno.
1917 Santiago Cuba – Desi Arnaz (Desiderio Alberto Arnez y de Acha III), bandleader, singer, Babalu; actor, Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy; married to Lucille Ball; co-owner of Desilu Productions; introduced 3-camera sitcom technique.
1904 Germany – Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel), Pulitzer Prize-winning author (1984), The Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who!, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Green Eggs and Ham.
1900 Dessau Germany – Kurt Weill, composer, Berthold Brecht collaborator.
1829 USA – Carl Schurz, journalist, political reformer, Civil War general.
1824 Czech Republic – Bedrich Smetana, Bohemian composer, The Bartered Bride, Die Moldau.
1793 USA – Sam Houston, fought for Texas’ independence from Mexico; President of Republic of Texas 1836-38, 1841-44; US Senator; Texas Governor.
1769 USA – DeWitt Clinton, Governor of New York, Senator; built Erie Canal.

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