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maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1994 THE EAGLE IS BANDEDBoston Massachusetts – Alan Eagleson indicted on 32 counts of embezzlement, fraud and racketeering; former head of the NHL Players Association and Toronto hockey lawyer refuses to go to the US to face the grand jury; beginning of three years of legal wrangling.

Also On This Day...

Yellowknife NWT – Thomas Berger 1933- starts public hearings into social and environmental costs of planned 4,184 km pipeline; Justice of the BC Supreme Court. Here he is consulting with a Dene group.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Norman Bethune 1890-1939
medical doctor, born on this day at Gravenhurst Ontario in 1890; dies in 1939 in China. Bethune started medical studies at McGill, served as a stretcher bearer in a field ambulance unit of the Canadian army in France in 1915, then after a bout of tuberculosis, studied thoracic surgery and joined the surgical team at Montreal’s Royal Victoria Hospital. Disillusioned with medical practice – many of his patients grew sick again when they returned to squalid living conditions – he visited the Soviet Union in 1935, and secretly joined the Communist Party. He opened a health clinic for the unemployed in Montreal, then served as a battlefield doctor in the Spanish Civil War (1936), where he innovated mobile field hospitals (the picture shows him in the uniform of the Mackenzie-Papineau Batallion). He went to China in 1938 to help fight the Japanese invasion, devised a mobile medical unit that could be carried on two mules, but died of blood poisoning in 1939 due to the lack of penicillin. He is regarded as a hero in China and is called Pai-ch’iu-en – White Seeks Grace. His boyhood home in Gravenhurst is now a museum.
Also James Doohan 1920-
WW II military pilot, actor, was born on this day at Vancouver BC in 1920. Doohan has played chief engineer Commander Montgomery Scott (Scotty) in Star Trek; Damon Warwick in The Bold and the Beautiful , and Pippin in Homeboys In Outer Space.

Also Alexander Graham Bell 1847-1922
speech therapist, audiologist, inventor, was born on this day at Edinburgh Scotland in 1847; dies at Beinn Bhreagh, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Aug 2, 1922. In 1870, Bell settled in Brantford, Ontario, where he developed the telephone from 1874-76. In 1876, he and his father made the first long-distance call between Brantford and Paris, Ontario. The call was routed through Toronto, so the actual distance was 109 km. He patented his invention in 1876, and founded the Bell Telephone Company.



In Other Events…
1995 Toronto Ontario – For the second time in the 1990s, real estate developer Bramalea Inc. seeks court protection from its creditors.
1991 Vancouver BC – Celine Dion wins Juno Awards for Best Album and Best Female Vocalist; George Fox wins Best Male Country Vocalist; Colin James wins Best Single and Top Male Vocalist; Rita McNeil wins Best Female Country Vocalist; Prairie Oyster win Best Country Group; Blue Rodeo win Best Group; Tragically Hip win Entertainer of the Year.
1984 Toronto Ontario – New York Islanders score their most goals (11) vs Toronto Maple Leafs (6).
1982 Ottawa Ontario – Statistics Canada confirms that Canada entered a recession in 1982.
1981 Edmonton Alberta – NY Islanders and Edmonton Oilers skate to an 8-8 tie.
1980 Ottawa Ontario – Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1919- succeeds Joe Clark as Prime Minister; Clark PM since June 4, 1979.
1977 Ottawa Ontario – Keith Spicer 1934- resigns as Official Language Commissioner.
1970 Canada – Queen Elizabeth II 1926- starts visit to Ottawa and Vancouver with Princess Anne.
1968 Montreal Quebec – Canadien Jean Beliveau scores one goal in a 5-2 loss to the Detroit Red Wings; second NHL player to score 1,000 career points.
1965 New York City – Canadian actor Christopher Plummer stars as Count von Trapp in the film adaptation of the popular Broadway hit, The Sound of Music, opening on this day; his co-stars are Julie Andrews and Eleanor Parker.
1964 Ottawa Ontario – Parliament approves change of name of Trans-Canada Air Lines to Air Canada; to take effect January 1, 1965.
1962 Ottawa Ontario – Cairine Wilson dies at age 77; Canada’s first woman senator, Canada’s first woman delegate to the United Nations
1953 Karachi, Pakistan – Canadian Pacific Comet jet crashes with 11 fatalities; world’s first commercial jet crash.
1942 England – First combat flight of the Canadian-built Avro Lancaster bomber.
1921 Toronto Ontario – University of Toronto doctors Frederick Banting and Charles Best officially announces their team’s discovery of insulin.
1920 Canada – Montreal Canadiens score NHL record 16 goals in a 16-3 rout of the Quebec Bulldogs.
1919 Vancouver BC – First international airmail delivered, in a flight from Vancouver to Seattle, Washington.
1887 Washington DC – US Congress passes Fisheries Retaliation Act; bans Canadian vessels from US waters; stopped imports of Canadian fish.
1875 Montreal Quebec – First recorded hockey game using roughly modern rules.
1871 Ottawa Ontario – House of Commons approves British Columbia’s terms to join Canada; negotiated by George-Etienne Cartier.
1870 Winnipeg Manitoba – Ambroise-Dydime Lepine l834-1923, heading the Metis Provisional Government court-martial, sentences Thomas Scott to death; Charles Arkoll Boulton 1841-1899 sentenced to death but his life is spared.
1841 Montreal Quebec – Sir George Simpson, Governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company, starts a 20 month-long round the world trip.
1838 Pelee Island Ontario – John Maitland routs Van Rensselaer and supporters of Upper Canadian rebels who captured Pelee Island on February 2; routed by regulars of 32nd and 83rd Regiments and the Essex Militia.
1722 Quebec Quebec – Council divides New France into parishes; Quebec has 41, Three Rivers 13 and Montreal 28.
1655 Montreal Quebec – Montreal physician offers first medical insurance.
In World Events…
1996 Jerusalem Israel – Moslem suicide bomber kills 18, wounds 10 on a Jerusalem bus; mirror-image of attack a week earlier.
1991 Latvia & Estonia – Latvia and Estonia vote for independence from the USSR/CIS.
1987 Los Angeles California – Danny Kaye dies at age 74; actor, singer, dancer, comedian, broadcaster.
1991 Los Angeles California – LA Police severely beat Rodney King; captured on amateur video.
1985 USA – Bill Shoemaker is first jockey to surpass $100 million in earnings.
1985 England – National Union of Mineworkers end 51 week strike.
1976 Mozambique – Mozambique closes border with Rhodesia, after Rhodesian raids on rebel bases.
1972 Cape Canaveral Florida – NASA launches Pioneer 10 towards asteroid belt and Jupiter.
1969 Cape Canaveral Florida – NASA launches three-man Apollo 9 spacecraft Kennedy Space Center; 10-day flight tests lunar module in Earth orbit.
1967 Grenada – Grenada decides to become an associate state of Britain rather than completely independent.
1962 Antarctica – British Antarctic Territory formed.
1959 Cape Canaveral Florida – NASA launches Pioneer 4; first US probe to enter solar orbit.
1955 New Orleans Louisiana – Elvis Aaron Presley featured on Louisiana Hayride; first TV appearance of truck driver from Tupelo, Mississippi.
1945 Pacific – US wins Battle of the Bismarck Sea over Japan.
1943 Corregidor Philippines – US & Philippines forces recapture island fortress of Corregidor.
1931 Washington DC – US Congress adopts Star-Spangled Banner as American national anthem; written by Francis Scott Key; melody originally an English drinking song, To Anacreon in Heaven.
1924 Turkey – Mustafa Kemal abolishes the Caliphate and expels Caliph and his family from Turkey; reforms to modernize country.
1918 Brest-Litovsk Poland – Russia withdraws from WW I, signing Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany and its allies.
1917 Moscow Russia – Nicholas II abdicates; last Russian Tsar.
1915 New York City – W. D. Griffiths premieres his silent motion picture Birth of a Nation, starring Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh and Wallace Reid.
1915 Washington DC – US Congress creates National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics; forerunner of NASA.
1899 Washington DC – George Dewey appointed first US Admiral of the Navy.
1887 USA – Anne Sullivan begins teaching deaf and blind child Helen Keller.
1886 Bucharest Romania – Bulgaria and Serbia sign Treaty of Bucharest, ending conflict between the two states.
1879 Washington DC – Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood first female lawyer admitted to practice before the Supreme Court.
1878 San Stefano Italy – Russians and Turks sign Treaty of San Stefano, ending Russo-Turkish War; Serbia gains independence.
1879 Washington DC – US Congress establishes the civil service system to limit patronage excesses.
1875 Paris France- Georges Bizet premieres his opera Carmen at the Opéra Comique.
1861 Moscow Russia- Russian Tsar Alexander II abolishes serfdom, a form of slavery.
1849 Washington DC – US Congress passes Gold Coinage Act, allowing gold coins to be minted; authorizes $20 Double Eagle gold coin.
1847 Washington DC – US Post Office Department authorized to issue first postage stamps.
1845 Washington DC – US Congress passes first law overriding a presidential veto – John Tyler’s.
1845 Florida – Florida admitted as the 27th state of the Union.
1791 Philadelphia Pennsylvania – Congress establishes the US Mint.
1634 Boston Massachusetts- Opening of the first tavern in Boston.
78 AD India – Origin of Saka Era in India.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
1975 USA – David Faustino, actor, I Had Three Wives, Bud in Married With Children.
1962 East St Louis Illinois – Jackie Joyner-Kersee, heptathlete, Olympic Gold Medal in 1988l first woman to hold world record in the heptathlon: 7,044 points (1992); first athlete to win multi-event medals in 3 Olympics (pentathlon, long jump).
1962 USA – Herschel Walker, WFL, NFL running back, New Jersey Generals, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles; Heisman Trophy winner: Georgia (1982).
1958 England – Miranda Richardson, actress, Fatherland, The Crying Game, Empire of the Sun, Dance with a Stranger.
1950 Johnstown Pennsylvania – Tim Kazurinsky, comedian, writer, actor, Saturday Night Live, Police Academy 3.
1941 USA – John Thomas, Olympic medalist in High Jump (1960, 1964); second athlete to clear 7′ (indoor high jump 1959).
1942 USA – Mike Pender (Pendergast), vocalist, bass guitarist, The Searchers, Sweets for My Sweet, Needles and Pins, Don’t Throw Your Love Away, Love Potion No. 9.
1921 USA – Allen Ginsberg, beat generation poet, Howl, Kaddish, won 1969 Arts & Letters Award.
1920 USA – Julius Boros, golfer, winner of the US Open 1952, 1963; PGA Champion 1968.
1911 USA – Jean Harlow (Harlean Carpenter), 1930s platinum blonde sex goddess, actress, Platinum Blonde, Red Dust, Bombshell, Dinner at Eight, China Seas, Libeled Lady.
1895 USA – Matthew Ridgway, General, Commander of the U.S. 8th Army in Korea (1951); Supreme Allied Commander of NATO (1952); US Army Chief of Staff.
1895 Norway – Ragnar Frisch, economist, won first Nobel Prize in Economics in 1969.
1872 USA – Wee Willie Keeler, baseball outfielder; holds record for singles hit in one season (206), with Baltimore Orioles in 1898; hit .432 in 1897.
1831 USA – George Pullman, industrialist, Pullman Palace Car Company; inventor of the Pullman railroad sleeping carriage.

<!– “We should be like monks going about in sandals and bare garments. Our purpose is to guard and resurrect the human body. It should be as holy as our purpose.”
Dr. Norman Bethune
on the medical profession
to his wife, Frances

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