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maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1878 TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE FOUNDEDToronto Ontario – Toronto Stock Exchange incorporates; Ontario charter confirms TSE organization; rate scale :1/2% for stocks and debentures;1/4% if over $2,000.

Also On This Day...

Louisbourg Nova Scotia – Michel-Philippe Isabeau starts to build Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island; engineer under director of fortifications Jean-François de Verville, who recommended the site in 1716. The fortress takes 25 years to build; here’s a picture of the completed work, with the town and harbour in the foreground.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Douglas Cardinal 1934-
architect , born on this day at Red Deer Alberta in 1934. Cardinal was the eldest of eight children of a half-Blackfoot game warden and a nurse. He studied architecture at UBC, but was asked to withdraw because his designs were thought too radical. He graduated with honours from the University of Texas in 1973, and returned to Canada. His St. Mary’s Church in Red Deer, inspired by the Prairie and his Metis ancestry, brought him notice, and in 1983 he won the contract to design the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. This magnificent curving structure is faced in soft yellow Tyndall Stone from Manitoba. In 1993 Cardinal was chosen to design Washington’s National Museum of the American Indian.
Also Diane Jones-Konihowski 1951-
pentathlete, track coach was born on this day at Vancouver in 1951. Jones-Konihowski did not win a medal in the Olympics, but struck Gold at the 1975 and 1979 Pan American Games and the XI Commonwealth Games in Edmonton in 1978, scoring a Canadian record 4768 points.



In Other Events…
1991 Toronto Ontario – Benoît Bouchard awards Spar Aerospace $195m to design Mobile Servicing System for Freedom space station; $1.2b over next ten years; 11 companies involved
1990 Halifax Nova Scotia – Lloyd Eisler & Isabelle Brasseur win Silver Medal in Pairs figure skating at World Figure Skating Championships;
1990 Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia Court of Appeal rules Nova Scotia Micmacs have constitutional right to hunt and fish for food as long as they obey conservation guidelines.
1990 Toronto Ontario – British Gas bids $1.1 billion for Consumers Gas from Reichmann family.
1986 Edmonton Alberta – Oiler Wayne Gretsky breaks own NHL season record with 136th assist.
1977 Saskatchewan – Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan acquires second mine; provincial ownership of potash industry now 20%.
1974 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa starts 5-year plan to build 50,000 housing units for rural and native families; payments geared to incomes.
1972 NWT – Norah Willis Michener Yukon gives 13 sq km to NWT for game reserve; to establish Norah Willis Michener Game Preserve; wife of Governor General
1969 Montreal Quebec – Pierre-Paul Geoffroy 1941- pleads guilty to 129 charges of placing bombs, conspiracy, theft, and possession of dynamite; FLQ member connected to 31 Montreal-area bombings
1968 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian External Affairs Minister Paul Martin says Canada to participate with US in developing airborne radar system to replace DEW Line.
1965 Canada – Roman Catholic churches in Canada celebrate Mass in English or French for the first time.
1963 Quebec – FLQ starts campaign of violence by hurling Molotov cocktails at three Canadian Army armories.
1954 Stockholm, Sweden – Canada loses to Russia 7-2 in International Ice Hockey final; Russia’s first World Ice Hockey tournament..
1945 Cologne Germany – Allied forces cross the Rhine River south of Cologne, and take the city.
1940 Montreal Quebec – Montreal Canadiens lose NHL record tying 15th straight game at home.
1939 New York City – Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians record their signature tune, Auld Lang Syne, for Decca Records; Lombardo born in London, Ontario.
1921 Ottawa Ontario – Cy Dennehy of the Ottawa Senators scores six goals in a 12-5 victory over the Hamilton Tigers.
1919 Ottawa Ontario – Government appoints receiver for bankrupt Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad.
1900 Poplar Grove South Africa – Canadians engage Boers in artillery fight at Poplar Grove.
1878 London Ontario – University of Western Ontario chartered.
1878 Montreal Quebec – Université of Montréal chartered.
1867 Fredericton New Brunswick – NB legislature rejects Confederation; angling for better terms, and the Intercolonial Railway.
1866 Ottawa Ontario – Canada puts 10,000 militia on alert after Fenians hold meeting in New York and threaten invasion; as precaution against anticipated attacks on St. Patrick’s Day.
1842 Kingston Ontario – Founding of Queen’s University; first in Ontario.
1800 Hull Quebec – Philemon Wright founds Wrightstown, today’s Hull.
1657 Paris France – King Louis XIV 1638-1715 prohibits sale of liquor to Indians in New France.
1604 Havre-de-Grace France – Francois Grave du Pont c1554-1629 leaves for Acadia on first ship of de Monts’ expedition from Havre-de-Grace.
In World Events…
1994 Poland – Poland says it will join Hungary in applying for membership in the European Union.
1994 South Africa – ANC chief Nelson Mandela rejects demand by white right-wingers for separate homeland in South Africa.
1993 Kabul Afghanistan – Afghanistan’s rival leaders sign peace accord to end bloody fighting that killed thousands of civilians.
1992 Georgia – Ex Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze returns to native Georgia to help end chaos.
1989 Teheran Iran – Iran breaks off diplomatic relations with Britain over publication of Salman Rushdie’s novel Satanic Verses.
1987 Las Vegas Nevada – Mike Tyson beats James ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith in 12 rounds to win the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight title; youngest heavyweight titlist.
1985 New York City – IBM releases its PC DOS Version 3.1 update.
1985 New York City – Song We Are the World first played on radio; music by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, from the USA for Africa album to aid famine victims produced by Quincy Jones.
1973 Bangladesh – Sheik Mujibur Rahman wins landslide victory in Bangladesh’s first general election.
1965 Selma Alabama – Alabama state troopers clash with 600 black protesters in Selma.
1962 Cape Canaveral Florida – NASA launches the OSO 1, first astronomy satellite designed to collect solar flare data.
1959 USA – Pilot M.C. Garlow the first aviator to fly a million miles (1.61 million km) in a jet.
1955 New York City – Peter Pan with Mary Martin and Cyril Richard first broadcast on television.
1955 San Francisco California – Comedienne Phyllis Diller makes her stage debut at the Purple Onion.
1950 USA – Dick Button wins his third consecutive world figure skating championship.
1945 Remagen Germany – US 9th Armored Division captures key bridge over the Rhine at Remagen, helps shorten the War.
1941 Ethiopia – British troops invade Abyssinia.
1936 Strasbourg France – Germany re-occupies demilitarized zone of Rhineland; violates Treaty of Versailles and Locarno Pact.
1933 New York City – Game of Monopoly invented.
1933 New York City – CBS Radio premieres Marie The Little French Princess; first daytime radio serial; successful run of two years.
1926 New York City – First transatlantic telephone call made between London and New York.
1918 Moscow Russia – Bolsheviks change their name to the Russian Communist Party.
1917 Camden New Jersey – Nick LaRocca’s Original Dixieland Jazz Band record The Dixie Jazz Band One Step on RCA Victor; world’s first jazz record.
1876 Washington DC – Alexander Graham Bell receives a patent for his invention of the telephone.
1854 USA – Charles Miller patents a sewing machine to stitch buttonholes.
1848 Hawaii – Great Mahele (division of lands) signed in Hawaii.
1808 Rio De Janeiro Brazil – Portugal’s regent Dom Juan IV arrives in Rio De Janeiro.
1801 Boston Massachusetts- Massachusetts enacts first state voter registration law.
1793 Paris France – France declares war on Spain during the French Revolution.
1778 Yaquina Oregon – Capt James Cook first sights Oregon coast at Yaquina Bay.
1774 Boston Massachusetts – British close port of Boston to all commerce.
1644 Boston Massachusetts – Massachusetts establishes first 2-chamber legislature in colonies.
1274 Italy – St Thomas Aquinas, theologian, dies at age 48.
322 BC Athens Greece – Aristotle the philosopher dies.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
1960 Czech Republic – Ivan Lendl tennis champion: Australian Open (1989,1983,1990), French Open (1984, 1986, 1987), U.S. Open (1985, 1986, 1987).
1952 USA – Lynn Swann, football player: Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver: Super Bowl IX, X, XIII, XIV; TV sportscaster.
1950 USA – Franco Harris Pro Football Hall of Famer: Pittsburgh Steelers running back: Super Bowl IX, X, XIII, XIV.
1950 USA – Billy Joe DuPree football: Dallas Cowboys tight end: Super Bowl X, XII, XIII.
1946 USA – Peter Wolf (Blankfield) singer: group: J. Geils Band: Centerfold; Lights Out, Freeze-Frame; married Faye Dunaway.
1946 USA – John Heard, actor: The Pelican Brief, Radio Flyer, Home Alone series, Rambling Rose, The Milagro Beanfield War, Big, Beaches, First Love, Between the Lines.
1946 USA – Matthew Fisher, musician: organ: group: Procol Harum: Whiter Shade of Pale; solo: Journey’s End, I’ll be There, Matthew Fisher, Strange Days; operated own recording studio.
1942 Mt Kisko New York – Michael Eisner, CEO Walt Disney Company.
1942 England – Michael York, actor: Logan’s Run, Cabaret, The Heat of the Day.
1942 USA – Tammy Faye Bakker, gospel singer, TV evangelist; once married to founder of PTL Club, Jim Bakker.
1940 Kenosha Wisconsin – Daniel J. Travanti, actor: Frank Furillo in Hill Street Blues (1980-82), Weep No More My Lady.
1938 USA – Janice Guthrie, auto racer: first woman in Indianapolis 500.
1934 USA – Willard Scott weatherman: Today Show.
1930 England – Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon, photographer; former husband of Princess Margaret.
1924 Japan – Kobo Abe, playwright, Woman in the Dunes.
1908 Alexandria Egypt – Anna Magnani, actress: The Rose Tattoo, The Miracle, The Fugitive Kind, Bellissimo: Images of the Italian Cinema.
1904 Norway – Ivar Ballangrud, Olympic speed skater; won 4 Golds, 2 Silver.
1875 Cibourne France – Maurice Joseph Ravel, composer: Bolero.
1872 Netherlands – Piet Mondrian, abstract painter, Broadway Boogie Woogie.
1850 Czechoslovakia – Tomas G. Masaryk, first President of Czechoslovakia.
1849 Lancaster Massachusetts – Luther Burbank, naturalist, horticulturist: creator of new varieties of flowers, trees, edible fruits and vegetables.
1785 Italy – Alessandro Manzoni, poet, novelist, The Betrothed.
1765 France – Joseph Niepce, inventor of photography.

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Calgary Eye Opener
Mar 9, 1918

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