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March 08

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1945 TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAYCanada – International Women’s Day first celebrated on this day in Canada and around the world.

Also On This Day...

Halifax Nova Scotia – Samuel Benfield Steele 1849-1919 commanding Lord Strathcona’s Horse, arrives back in Halifax with his regiment after fighting the Boers in South Africa.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Susan Clark 1940-
actress, born on this day at Sarnia Ontario in 1940. Clark has acted in The Choice, Night Moves, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Airport ’75, Coogan’s Bluff, Murder by Decree (1979), won an Emmy in 1976 for Babe!. On TV, Clark starrerd as Webster’s Katherine Calder-Young Papadapolis (1983); she is currently playing the severe and autocratic Aunt Elizabeth Murray in the Emily of New Moon TV Series on CBC (in the picture with Martha MacIsaac as Emily Starr) [Photos: CINAR].
Also Hans Fogh 1938-
sailor, born on this day at Copenhagen Denmark in 1938. Fogh won the Flying Dutchman Silver Medal for Canada in the 1960 Olympics, Flying Dutchman class world title in 1962, Soling world title in 1974, Bronze Medal for Canada in Soling in 1984 at Los Angeles Olympics; his 24 years between medals is an Olympic record..

Also Thomas Fuller 1823-1898
architect, born on this day at Bath England in 1823; dies in Ottawa Sept. 28, 1898. A Gothic revival specialist, Fuller designed Canada’s Parliament Buildings, as well as the New York State Capital in Albany. He was Dominion Chief Architect 1881-96.

In Other Canadian Events…
  • 1993
    Somali Republic – Canadian Navy supply ship HMCS Preserver heads home after three-month tour of Somalia; her three Sea King helicopters airlifted 430 tonnes of supplies into Mogadishu.
  • 1991
    St. John’s Newfoundland – Clyde Wells suggests giving Quebec a limited veto, but not recognizing Quebec as a distinct society; calling it a lesser status
  • 1990
    Halifax Nova Scotia – Kurt Browning wins second consecutive World Men’s Figure Skating title, over Soviet Victor Petrenko.
  • 1990
    Sydney Nova Scotia – RCMP accept blame for bungled Donald Marshall investigation.
  • 1990
    Ottawa Ontario – Robert Calder receives Governor General’s Literary Award for English Non-Fiction for his book Willie; Louis Hamelin receives Governor General’s Literary Award for French Fiction for his novel La Rage; Paul Quarrington receives Governor General’s Literary Award for English Fiction for his novel Whale Music; Judith Thompson receives Governor General’s Literary Award for English Drama for her play The Other Side of the Dark; from Governor Gen. Ray Hnatyshyn; 51st Governor General’s Literary Awards.
  • 1990
    Ottawa Ontario – Michael Wilson gets Commons to pass budget; British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta to take Ottawa to court over cuts in transfer payments.
  • 1984
    Ottawa Ontario – Supreme Court of Canada rules that Ottawa owns oil resources of the Hibernia field, off Newfoundland.
  • 1984
    Primrose Lake Alberta – First US cruise missile tested over western Canada; unarmed missile stays attached to B-52 bomber.
  • 1983
    Vancouver BC – Queen Elizabeth II 1926- starts three-day visit to BC with Prince Phillip.
  • 1982
    London England – British House of Commons passes Canada Bill, allowing Canada to patriate its constitution; House of Lords will give final reading March 25th; Queen Elizabeth will sign the Royal Proclamation of the Constitution in a ceremony April 17th on Parliament Hill.
  • 1965
    St. John’s Newfoundland – Government grants free tuition to all Newfoundland first-year students at Memorial University; first in Canada.
  • 1961
    London England – John George Diefenbaker 1895-1979 attends nine-day Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference; censures South African policy of apartheid.
  • 1954
    Korea – Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent visits Canadian brigade in Korea during world tour.
  • 1922
    Ottawa Ontario – First session of 14th Parliament meets until June 28; sets up Canada Wheat Board; passes National Defense Act
  • 1907
    Regina Saskatchewan – Founding of the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan.
  • 1906
    Ottawa Ontario – Second session of tenth Parliament meets until July 13; passes Lord’s Day Observance Act; bans Sunday work, transport and show
  • 1906
    Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa Silver 7 beat Smith Falls (Ontario) for the Stanley Cup.
  • 1877
    Manitoba – First session of the Council of the District of Keewatin.
  • 1875
    Toronto Ontario – First official daily Toronto Stock Exchange report published in the Globe; afterwards reported on a regular basis.
  • 1873
    Saskatchewan – Northwest Territories Council prohibits the sale of liquor at the urging of Donald Alexander Smith, later Lord Strathcona 1820-1914 ; called the Smith Act.
  • 1871
    Washington DC – John Alexander Macdonald 1815-1891 invited to attend British negotiations that lead to signing of Washington Treaty; deals with Alabama claims, western boundary, new reciprocity
  • 1870
    St. Boniface Manitoba – Alexandre-Antonin Taché 1823-1894 arrives in Red River to negotiate with Louis Riel; Bishop of St-Boniface.
  • 1867
    London England – British Parliament gives final reading to the British North America Act; few MPs attend to vote; more rush in after to vote against a more contentious bill to place a tax on dogs. BNA Act proclaimed March 29th.
  • 1855
    Niagara Falls Ontario – Niagara Suspension Bridge opens, linking Canada and the US; first suspension bridge built to carry trains; first train crosses March 9.
  • 1837
    Montreal Quebec – Bank of British North America opens in Montreal.
  • 1836
    St. Andrews New Brunswick – New Brunswick & Canada Railroad Company chartered; from St. Andrews to Quebec; boundary scrap with US delays construction
  • 1820
    Toronto Ontario – Samuel Smith 1756-1826 appointed administrator of Upper Canada; serves until June 30, 1820.
  • 1815
    Charlottetown PEI – Peter Byers, a black, sentenced to death for stealing five pounds; 2 weeks earlier his brother Sancho sentenced to hang for stealing a pound of butter and a loaf of bread.
  • 1799
    Calgary Alberta – David Thompson 1770-1857 explores North Saskatchewan River; later up Bow River with Duncan McGillivray past site of Calgary.
  • 1765
    Montreal Quebec – Fire levels one-quarter of the town of Montreal.
In World Events…
  • 1996
    Rwanda – UN flag lowered to mark end of UNAMIR – the United Nations peacekeeping mandate in Rwanda.
  • 1993
    Kabul Afghanistan – Radical Islamic leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar appointed Prime Minister of Afghanistan.
  • 1986
    USA – Martina Navratilova the first tennis player to earn $10 million.
  • 1986
    Space – Japanese probe Suisei passes Halley’s Comet at 109,800 km.
  • 1985
    Washington DC – Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announces that 407,700 Americans are millionaires.
  • 1983
    Washington DC – US President Ronald Reagan calls the USSR an Evil Empire.
  • 1983
    USA – IBM releases PC DOS version 2.0.
  • 1979
    Space – Voyager 1 photographs volcanoes on Io, a moon of Jupiter.
  • 1978
    Belgium – Belgian millionaire Charles Bracht kidnapped for ransom, which is not paid; body found April 10.
  • 1976
    Jilin China – Largest observed stony meteorite falls in China; weighs 1774 kg.
  • 1973
    Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland referendum favors maintaining links with the United Kingdom.
  • 1973
    London England – IRA car bombs explode outside Old Bailey courthouse and Scotland Yard headquarters on Northern Ireland referendum day, killing one person and injuring 238.
  • 1972
    USA – First flight of the Goodyear blimp.
  • 1971
    USA – ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier of Philadelphia wins decision in Madison Square Gardens over Muhammad Ali for Heavyweight Boxing Championship; Frazier and Ali collect $2,5 million apiece for the bout.
  • 1968
    New York City – Rock show promoter Bill Graham of San Francisco opens Fillmore East in New York.
  • 1968
    Hagerstown Maryland – 6 year old Tommy Moore scores hole-in-one in golf.
  • 1966
    Dublin Ireland – Nelson Column in Dublin blown up by Irish Republican Army (IRA) bomb.
  • 1965
    Vietnam – 4000 Marines land in South Vietnam; first US combat forces.
  • 1963
    Damascus Syria – Col. Ziad Hariri leads officers group in overthrowing Syrian government and setting up the National Council of Revolution, and the Syrian Arab Republic.
  • 1961
    Holy Loch Scotland – US nuclear submarine Patrick Henry arrives at Scottish naval base of Holy Loch from South Carolina in a record undersea journey of 66 days 22 hrs.
  • 1962
    London England – Beatles perform for first time on the BBC; John, Paul, George and drummer Pete Best sing Dream Baby.
  • 1961
    England – Conductor Sir Thomas Beecham dies at age 81.
  • 1957
    Washington DC – US Supreme Court rules International Boxing Club a monopoly, in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Law.
  • 1950
    Moscow Russia – Soviet Union announces it has exploded its first atomic bomb.
  • 1948
    Washington DC – US Supreme Court rules religious instruction in public schools violates the Constitution.
  • 1942
    Rangoon Myanmar – Japanese forces captures Rangoon Burma after evacuation by British forces.
  • 1934
    India – Edwin Hubble releases photo showing extent of universe; as many galaxies as the Milky Way has stars.
  • 1930
    India – Mahatma Gandhi starts civil disobedience in India to end British rule.
  • 1930
    New York City – Babe Ruth signs $80,000 contract with the Yankees.
  • 1930
    USA – William Howard Taft dies; 27th president of the United States, 1909-13.
  • 1921
    Madrid Spain – Spanish Prime Minister Eduardo Dato assassinated by anarchists near home in Madrid.
  • 1921
    Dusseldorf Germany – French troops occupy Dusseldorf and other Ruhr towns after Germany fails to pay World War I reparations.
  • 1917
    St. Petersburg Russia – Riots and strikes in St. Petersburg mark start of February Revolution in Russia.
  • 1917
    Cuba – US invades Cuba for third time.
  • 1910
    France – Baronne Raymonde de Laroche becomes first licensed female pilot.
  • 1910
    London England – Royal Aero Club issues first British pilot’s license to J.T.C Moore Brabazon.
  • 1894
    Albany New York – State of New York brings in the first dog license law in the US; $2 annual fee.
  • 1892
    Milan Italy – Leoncavallo premieres his opera I Pagliacci at La Scala.
  • 1887
    Connecticut – Everett Horton patents the telescopic fishing rod – made of steel tubes inside one another.
  • 1862
    Newport Virginia – Confederate ironclad Merrimack launched.
  • 1854
    Japan – US Commodore Matthew C. Perry makes his second trip to Japan.
  • 1801
    Abukir Egypt – British drive French forces from Abukir Egypt.
  • 1782
    Gnadenhutten Ohio – Ohio militia kills 90 indians in Gnadenhutten massacre.
  • 1765
    London England – British Parliament passes Stamp Act, creates a tax collected by requiring stamps on documents, pamphlets, newspapers and almanacs.
  • 1702
    London England – William III king of England 1689-1702 dies at 51; Queen Anne ascends to throne.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
  • 1959
    Chicago Illinois – Aidan Quinn, actor: Legends of the Fall, Avalon, All My Sons, Desperately Seeking Susan, A Streetcar Named Desire, Reckless, Stakeout.
  • 1954
    Austria – Karl Schnabl, 90m ski jumper, winner of Olympic Gold Medal in 1976.
  • 1954
    England – David Wilkie, 200m backstroke swimmer, won Olympic Gold Medal in 1976.
  • 1954
    Switzerland – Maria-Therese Nadig, skier, won 2 Olympic Gold Medals in 1972.
  • 1947
    USA – Mike Allsup, guitarist, Three Dog Night: Try a Little Tenderness, Easy to be Hard, Eli’s Coming, Mama Told Me (Not to Come), Joy to the World, Black & White, Shambala.
  • 1947
    USA – Carole Bayer Sager, singer, songwriter, That’s What Friends are For, Groovy Kind of Love, When I Need You, You’re the Only One, Break It to Me Gently, Looking Through the Eyes of Love, Nobody Does It Better.
  • 1946
    USA – Randy Meisner, singer, base, Poco, The Eagles: Take it Easy, Best of My Love, Take it to the Limit.
  • 1945
    Los Angeles California – Mickey Dolenz, singer, drummer: The Monkees: I’m a Believer, Last Train to Clarksville; actor: Circus Boy.
  • 1943
    London England – Lynn Redgrave, actress: Georgy Girl, House Calls, Chicken Soup, Centennial, Rehearsal for Murder; spokesperson: Weight-Watchers.
  • 1942
    USA – Dick Allen, baseball first baseman, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox; AL MVP 1972.
  • 1940
    USA – Sue Langdon (Lookoff), actress: Frankie and Johnny, A Guide for the Married Man, Roustabout, Zapped!
  • 1939
    Newark New Jersey – Jim Bouton baseball: New York Yankees pitcher; broadcaster: WABC-TV, WCBS-TV; author: Ball Four.
  • 1939
    Russia – Lydia Skoblikova, speed skater, won 6 Olympic Gold Medals in 1960.
  • 1938
    Virginia – Lew DeWitt singer: group: The Statler Brothers: Flowers on the Wall, Bed of Roses.
  • 1921
    Amarillo Texas – Cyd Charisse (Tula Finklea), dancer: Grand Hotel, Singin’ in the Rain; actress: East Side West Side, Silk Stockings, Party Girl, Deep in My Heart.
  • 1918
    Los Angeles California – Alan Hale Jr, actor, Skipper in Gilligan’s Island.
  • 1902
    Cincinnati Ohio – Louise Beavers, actress, over 125 films in 30 years, including Tammy and the Bachelor (1957), The Jackie Robinson Story (1950). Played Beulah, the maid, in the TV series of the same name.
  • 1899
    Scotland – Eric Linklater, novelist, poet, historical writer.
  • 1891
    USA – Sam Jaffe, actor, Gunga Din, Dr Zorba in Ben Casey.
  • 1886
    USA – Edward Kendall, chemist, isolated cortisone, winner of the Nobel Prize 1950.
  • 1879
    Germany – Otto Hahn, co-discoverer of nuclear fission.
  • 1865
    USA – Frederick William Goudy, printer, type designer.
  • 1859
    England – Kenneth Grahame, author, The Wind in the Willows.
  • 1841
    Massachusetts – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Justice of the US Supreme Court 1902-32; writer: The Common Law.
  • 1714
    Germany – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, composer, son of J.S. Bach.

<!– “Men who are attractive to most women are rarities, in this country, at any rate. I think that it is because a man, to be attractive, must be free to give his whole time to it, and the Canadian male is so hounded by taxes and the rigours of our climate that he is lucky to be alive, without being irresistible as well.”
Robertson Davies
Table Talk

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