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March 10

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1876 WHAT WOULD HE THINK OF SYMPATICO?Boston Massachusetts – Alexander Graham Bell makes the first successful test of his new invention, the telephone, a month after patenting the device. He transmits the first intelligible speech, room to room, telling his assistant, ‘Come here, Watson. I need you.’ Back at his father’s house in Brantford Ontario on August 3, he makes the first building-to-building call with his uncle David Bell, and a year later sets up the world’s first telephone service in Hamilton, with four customers.

And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Emily Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake) 1861-1913
poet, lecturer , born on this day at Chiefswood, Six Nations Mohawk Reserve, near Brantford Ontario; daughter of Chief Henry Martin and British wife Emily Howells; died March 7, 1913 in Vancouver. Johnson was a successful poet in her day, who gave readings and lectures in North America and Europe. Her most famous poem is The Song My Paddle Sings.


And in Other Canadian Birthdays...

Avril Kim Campbell 1947-
politician , born on this day at Port Alberni, BC in 1947. Campbell studied Political Science at UBC, and did graduate work at the London School of Economics. She taught at UBC from 1975-78, and at Vancouver Community College 1978-81. She got a law degree, served on the Vancouver School Board 1985-86, then ran Premier Bill Bennett’s office in Victoria. When Bennett retired, she ran for the Leadership of the Social Credit Party in July 1986, lost to Bill Vander Zalm, but won a seat in the BC Legislature that October. Breaking with Vander Zalm over his abortion stand, she joined the Progressive Conservative Party, and won a seat in the November 1988 election. She served in the Mulroney cabinet in Indian Affairs (1989), Justice (1990) and National Defence (1993). Defeating Jean Charest on the second ballot in the PC leadership race, Campbell became Canada’s first woman Prime Minister, serving from June to November 1993. She lost the election that year to Jean Chretien, and is currently serving as Canadian Consul in Los AngelesAlso Julia Hart 1796-1867
novelist, born Julia Catherine Beckwith on this day at Fredericton NB in 1796; died Nov. 28, 1867. At age 17, Hart wrote St. Ursula’s Convent, or The Nun in Canada, a sentimental melodrama published in 1824. She is the first native-born Canadian to write a novel published in Canada.

Also Tommy Hunter 1937-
country singer, born on this day at London Ontario in 1937. Starting in 1965, he hosted the Tommy Hunter Show on CBC for 27 seasons.

Also Shannon Lee Tweed 1957-
model, actress, born on this day at St John’s Newfoundland in 1957. Tweed was Playboy Playmate, Nov 1981 and Playmate of the Year; actress, Meatballs 3.

In Other Canadian Events…
Quebec Quebec – Robert Bourassa 1933- says federalism is best choice for Quebec; major changes will make Canada work better.
Dryden Ontario – Air Ontario jet crashes after take off from Dryden, killing 24, injuring 45; inquiry later blames wing icing for the crash.
NWT – Panarctic Oils Ltd. finds oil in offshore exploratory well in the eastern Arctic.
Toronto Ontario – First radio and television coverage of regular sittings of the Ontario legislature at Queen’s Park.
Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa drafts guidelines for American subsidiaries operating in Canada.
Wesel Germany – First Canadian Army forces Germans across Rhine opposite Wesel, ending month-long campaign west of the Rhine; lose 5,304 dead in Rhine campaign.
Toronto Ontario – Toronto Maple Leafs achieve longest undefeated streak in their history, winning or tying 18 games in a row.
Quebec Quebec – Quebec’s Joe Malone scores 6 goals to lead the Bulldogs to a 10-4 rout of the Ottawa Senators.
Neuve Chapelle France – Canadians see action in Battle of Neuve Chapelle.
Quebec Quebec – Quebec Bulldogs sweep Sydney Nova Scotia Millionaires in 2 games for the Stanley Cup.
Prince Rupert BC – Prince Rupert incorporated as a city.
Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa Silver 7 beat Montreal AAA 8-0 for the Stanley Cup.
Winnipeg Manitoba – Opening of first session of first Legislative Council of Manitoba.
Kingston, Ontario – Queen’s University founded in Kingston.
Fredericton New Brunswick – Six companies of the 104th Regiment of Foot, plus 4th New Brunswick Regiment, start 52-day march overland to the St. Lawrence in winter; travel on snowshoes, pulling supplies on toboggans, lose only one man, arriving in Kingston April 12.
Toronto Ontario – Lt. Gov. John Graves Simcoe and his wife Elizabeth dine on boiled black squirrel, porcupine, roasted passenger pigeon, raccoon, fish, beef and veal.
Quebec Quebec – Jesuits granted the seigneury of Notre-Dame-des-Anges on the St. Charles River; first of many grants to religious order.
Havre-de-Grace France – Pierre de Gua de Monts c1558-1628 follows Grave du Pont in second ship to Acadia; Governor of Acadia  
In World Events…
Port-au-Prince Haiti – Haitian President Prosper Avril resigns a year and a half after seizing power in a coup.
California – Bee Gees singer Andy Gibb dies at 30 of heart infection.
California – Ray Milland, actor, dies at 81; won Academy Award in 1945 for his role in Lost Weekend.
Moscow Russia – Russian Premier Konstantin Chernenko dies after 13 months in office.
Space – Sygyzy occurs; all 9 planets are aligned on the same side of the Sun.
New York City – Willard Scott becomes the weathercaster on the Today Show.
USA – Jean Harris kills her ex lover Doctor Hermann Tarnoff, the Scarsdale diet doctor.
Hamilton Bermuda – Governor Sir Richard Sharples assassinated in grounds of Bermuda’s Government House.
Pnom Penh Cambodia – Marshal Lon Nol becomes Cambodian head of state.
Washington DC – US Senate approves lowering voting age to 18.
Memphis Tennessee – James Earl Ray sentenced to 99 years in jail for murder of Martin Luther King, April 1968.
Ashau Vietnam – North Vietnamese capture US Green Beret Camp at Ashau Valley.
New York City – Walter Matthau and Art Carney open in Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, at the Plymouth Theatre on Broadway.
New York City – Geraldine Page, Paul Newman, Rip Torn and Diana Hyland open in Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth, at the Martin Beck Theatre on Broadway.
New York City – Julie Andrews makes her TV debut at age 23 with Bing Crosby and Nancy Olson in the musical adaptation of Maxwell Anderson’s play, High Tor.
Havana Cuba – Fulgencio Batista takes over government of Cuba in a coup; former President rules as dictator until 1959.
Prague Czech Republic – Jan Garrigue Masaryk throws himself from office window in apparent suicide; Czech Foreign Minister.
Tokyo Japan – USAF sends 300 B-29 bombers to firebomb Tokyo; Great Tokyo Air Raid kills 100,000 people.
Brooklyn New York – Brooklyn Dodgers Manager Larry McPhail says his players will wear batting helmets during the 1941 baseball season.
Netherlands – Germany invades the Benelux countries.
New York City – W2XBS-TV in New York City broadcasts members of the Metropolitan Opera Company in scenes from I Pagliacci; first televised opera.
New York City – Nelson Eddy records Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life, from the film, Naughty Marietta, for Victor Records; later with Jeanette MacDonald.
Reno Nevada – Nevada first US state to regulate narcotics.
Paris France – Mary Richardson slashes National Gallery’s painting by Velazquez, The Rokeby Venus, to protest jailing and force-feeding of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.
Toledo Ohio – William Knox rolled the first perfect 300 game in tournament competition; American Bowling Congress.
Courrières France – Coal dust explosion kills 1,060 French miners.
London England – Bakerloo Underground line opens from Baker Street to Waterloo Station.
Cleveland Ohio – Harry C. Gammeter patents the multigraph duplicating machine.
Athens Greece – Bob Fitzsimmons KOs much larger Jim Corbett to win world Heavyweight Boxing Championship; quips, “The bigger they come, the harder they fall.”
Athens Greece – Charilaos Vasilakos of Greece wins first modern marathon in 3:18.
Paris France – France founds African colonies of French Guinea and Ivory Coast.
USA – Heavyweight Boxing champ John L Sullivan draws Charlie Mitchell in 30 rounds.
New York City – Salvation Army Commissioner George Scott Railton and seven women officers of “General” William Booth’s army arrive to start US operations.
London England – Prince Albert Edward (later King Edward VII) marries Princess Alexandra of Denmark.
Washington DC – US Treasury issues first paper money, in denominations of $5 $10 $20 $50 $100 $500 & $1000.
Zanzibar Tanzania – Britain and France recognize independence of Zanzibar.
Springfield Illinois – Abraham Lincoln applies for patent for device to lift vessels over shoals using inflated cylinders; receives patent May, 1849.
Concord Massachusetts – John Stone patents the pile driver.
Vienna Austria – Balthasar Hubmaier burned at the stake as an heretic; Austrian Anabaptist leader.
418 AD
Rome Italy – Jews denied public office in the Roman Empire.
241 BC
Mediterranean – Roman fleet sinks 50 Carthaginian ships at the Battle of Aegusa. 
Today’s Global Birthdays…
London England – Prince Edward Anthony Richard Louis of Britain.
USA – Jasmine Guy actress: A Different World, America’s Dream, A Century of Women, Runaway, Harlem Nights, School Daze.
Meadsville Pennsylvania – Sharon Stone, actress: Last Dance, Casino, The Specialist, Basic Instinct, Total Recall, War & Remembrance series, Above the Law, Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol, Allan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold, King Solomon’s Mines, Calendar Girl Murders, Deadly Blessing, The Bay City Blues.
USA – Tom Scholz, rock guitarist, keyboardist, Boston; More Than a Feeling, Long Time, Peace of Mind, Don’t Look Back, Man I’ll Never Be, Amanda.
USA – Katharine Houghton (Grant), actress: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Billy Bathgate, The Night We Never Met.
USA – David Rabe, playwright: Streamers, Casualties of War, I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can.
USA – Dean Torrence, surfer music singer, Jan & Dean; Little Old Lady from Pasadena, Dead Man’s Curve, Surf City, Honolulu Lulu.
USA – Chuck Norris (Carlos Ray), martial arts champion, actor, Code of Silence, Delta Force, Forced Vengeance, Lone Wolf McQuade, Missing in Action, Walker: Texas Ranger.
Russia – Irina Press, USSR 80m hurdler, Pentathlete (Olympic Gold, 1960, 1964).
Russia – Anatoly Roschin, USSR super heavyweight wrestler (Olympic Gold, 1972).
Russia – Tamara Press, USSR shot putter (Olympic Gold, 1960, 1964).
Scotland – James Herriot, vet, writer, All Creatures Great and Small.
Finland – Kristian Palusalu, heavyweight wrestler (Olympic Gold, 1936).
USA – Bix Beiderbecke, jazz coronetist: In a Mist.
USA – Claire Booth Luce, playwright: The Women, Kiss the Boys Goodbye, Margin of Error; editor: Vogue, Vanity Fair; politician: U.S. Congresswoman (1943-47); U.S. Ambassador to Italy (1953-56); married to publisher Henry Luce.
Le Havre France – Arthur Honegger, composer: film scores: Crime and Punishment, King David.
Dublin Ireland – Barry Fitzgerald (William Shields), actor: Bringing Up Baby, How Green Was My Valley, The Quiet Man; won Academy Award for Going My Way.
Russia – Alexander III, Russian Tsar 1881-94.
Germany – Friedrich von Schlegel, romantic writer, critic.
Italy – Marcello Malpighi, physician: pioneer in working with the microscope.
England – Thomas Howard Duke of Norfolk; executed by Queen Elizabeth 1572.

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