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March 11

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1996 LAST GAME IN THE OLD FORUMMontreal Quebec – NHL Canadiens beat Dallas Stars 4-1 in the last game played in the 72-year-old Montreal Forum.

Also On This Day...

Montreal Quebec – James Bruce, Lord Elgin 1786-1857 calls on leaders of the Reform majority to form new Cabinet; victory for Responsible Government. Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine 1807-1864 [in the picture] is sworn in as Attorney-General in an all-Reform Executive Council; first French-Canadian prime minister; second Ministry with Robert Baldwin, known as ‘The Great Administration.’


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Claude Jutra 1930-1986
actor, filmmaker , born on this day at Montreal Quebec in 1930; died of drowning on about Nov. 5, 1986 near Montreal. Jutra graduated in medicine from the University of Montreal but never practiced. He became a student actor at le Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, Montreal and then at Cours Simon, Paris. His first film, Mouvement Perpetuel (1949) won a prize at the Cannes Film Festival (1950). In 1956 he started working at the National Film Board of Canada, where he made Les Mains Nettes (1958), A Tout Prendre (1963), Comment Savoir (1966), and his best-known work, Mon Oncle Antoine [here’s a still from the film], which won eight Etrogs at the Canadian Film Awards in 1971, and Best Picture at the Chicago Film Festival. Other work includes Kamouraska (1973) based on the Anne Hébert novel, and Surfacing (1981), based on the Margaret Atwood tale. Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, Jutra drowned in 1986; his body washed up on the shore of the St. Lawrence at Cap-Santé on April 19, 1987. Check the Internet Movie Database for a filmography.Also Leslie Cliff 1955-
swimmer, was born on this day in 1955. Cliff started her winning ways at the 1970 Commonwealth Games where she took three golds and two silver medals. At the Munich Olympics in 1972, she took the silver in the 400m Individual Medley – one of only five Canadians to win a medal. At the 1974 Commonwealth Games, she won two gold medals and set Commonwealth Games records in both the 200 and 400 IM. Overall, she amassed a total of 27 gold, 19 silver and 10 bronze medals.

Also John Weinzweig 1913-
composer, was born on this day at Toronto in 1913. Weinzweig is best known for his piece, Enchanted Hill.


In Other Canadian Events…
Ottawa Ontario – Environment Canada starts issuing weekly ozone warnings.
Orillia Ontario – Health Minister Perrin Beatty announces $275 million six year program to improve drinking water and sewage treatment on Indian reserves.
Ottawa Ontario – Prime Minister Brian Mulroney holds private meeting with the premiers to brief them on plans to seek a free-trade deal with the US; rejects demands for formal ratification by provinces.
Los Angeles California – LA Kings Wayne Gretsky scores his 1,500th NHL point.
Uniondale New York – New York Islander Mike Bossy, a native of Montreal, becomes the first NHLer to score 50 goals in 9 straight seasons.
Magdalen Islands Quebec – Magdalen Islands seal hunter damage helicopter chartered by International Fund for Animal Welfare protesters.
Ottawa Ontario – US President Ronald Reagan visits Ottawa; US agrees to ease social security eligibility claims, for those who have worked in both countries
Winnipeg Manitoba – Bobby Hull of the WHL Winnipeg Jets joins Gordie Howe by getting career point number 1,000 in a game against the Quebec Nordiques.
Toronto Ontario – Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Black Hawks run up NHL record 40 penalties, 20 each
Brussels Belgium – Canada helps draft North Atlantic Security Treaty with Britain, USA, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Norway; leads to creation of NATO.
Toronto Ontario – Ottawa-born Barbara Ann Scott gets a ticker-tape parade down Bay Street after winning the World Figure Skating Championship; a year later she wins Olympic Gold.
Ottawa Ontario – W. A. Mackintosh chairs new Sub-Committee on Postwar Reconstruction; with Bob Bryce, Louis Rasminsky , J. J. Deutsch (EA), O. E. Skelton (Bank), Baldwin (PCO)
Ottawa Ontario – Bank of Canada starts operations under Governor Graham Towers; has mandate to issue currency and regulate money supply; government-owned central bank.
Quebec Quebec – Province of Quebec extends civil rights to women, but still withholds the right to vote.
Quebec Quebec – Quebec beats Moncton 9-3 on way to sweep Stanley Cup; first Stanley Cup game to be played in three 20-minute periods; formerly in 30-minute halves
Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa Silver 7 beat Rat Portage (Kenora) Thistles for the Stanley Cup.
Ottawa Ontario- Ottawa Silver 7 sweep Brandon Wheat Kings in 2 for the Stanley Cup.
Springfield Massachusetts – James Naismith, from Almonte, Ontario, organizes the world’s first public game of his new invention – basketball; at the YMCA training college.
Ottawa Ontario – Laurier government creates National Battlefields Commission; partly to save Quebec’s Plains of Abraham from property development.
Fort Carlton Saskatchewan – Leif Newry Fitzroy Crozier 1847-1901 warns Ottawa of danger of rebellion in Saskatchewan; NWMP Superintendent at Fort Carlton
Guelph Ontario – Guelph incorporated as a city; settlement founded by John Galt.
Quebec Quebec – Assembly of Canada votes 91-33 to proceed with Confederation.
Victoria BC – Richard Blanshard arrives at Fort Victoria; reads proclamation establishing the new colony of Vancouver Island, with himself as the first Governor.
Toronto Ontario – George Kingsmill sets up first formal police force in Canada; High Constable of Toronto
Honfleur France – Louis Hebert c1575-1627 coaxed back to New France from Honfleur with wife Marie Rollet and three children. 
In World Events…
Santiago Chile – Christian Democrat Eduardo Frei sworn in as Chile’s President; pledges to help the poor.
Washington DC – Janet Reno unanimously confirmed by the Senate to be the first female Attorney General in US history.
London England – Janet Jackson signs $40 million 3 album deal with Virgin records.
Lithuania – Lithuanian Parliament proclaims restoration of the Baltic Republic’s pre-World War II independence from the Soviet Union; first Soviet Republic to break away from Communist control.
Space – Japanese probe Sakigake flies by Halley’s Comet at 6.8 million km.
Rome Italy – One million days have elapsed since the traditional foundation of Rome, April 21, 753 BC.
Moscow Russia – Mikhail Gorbachev elected Communist Party General Secretary after death of Konstantin Chernenko; youngest member of the ruling Politburo at 54.
Washington DC – Israel’s Menachem Begin and Egypt’s Anwar Sadat sign Camp David peace accord in Washington.
France- Jean-Claude Killy wins the FIS World Cup skiing title.
Indonesia – Indonesian General Suharto starts successful military coup.
Cape Canaveral Florida – Pioneer V launched into solar orbit between Earth and Venus.
Essen Germany – 1,000 allied bombers harass Essen, dropping 4,662 ton bombs.
Bataan Philippines – General Douglas MacArthur leaves Corregidor for Australia, vowing “I shall return.”
Washington DC – US Congress approves Lend Lease to British; FDR’s signature opens way for full aid to Britain, so she can buy food and arms.
Austria – German troops enter Austria.
Berlin Germany – Hermann Goering officially creates the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force.
USA – First Golden Gloves boxing tournament.
Dublin Ireland – Eamon de Valera resigns as head of Sinn Fein; later forms more radical Fianna Fail party.
Baghdad Iraq – Gen. Maude enters Baghdad with 50,000 British and Indian troops, takes 9,000 Turks prisoners; World War I.
Princeton New Jersey – Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association organized at Princeton.
Montgomery Alabama – Confederate convention adopts constitution for the CSA.
Venice Italy – Giuseppe Verdi premieres his opera Rigoletto in Venice.
Allen County Indiana – John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) dies.
Washington DC – US War Department creates the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Concord Vermont – Concord Academy opens; first normal school (school for teachers) in US.
Paris France – Emperor Napoleon married by proxy to Archduchess Marie Louise.
Philadelphia Pennsylvania – US Army Corps of Engineers established.
London England – The Daily Courant launched near Fleet Street; first successful English daily newspaper.
Italy – Romeo and Juliet’s wedding day, according to Shakespeare.
537 AD
Rome Italy – Goths lay siege to Rome. 
Today’s Global Birthdays…
Canada – Bruce Watson, musician: guitar: group: Big Country: Harvest Home, Fields of Fire, In a Big Country, Chance, Wonderland, East of Eden, Where the Rose is Sown.
England – Douglas Adams author: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Life, the Universe & Everything, So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, Mostly Harmless.
Italy – Dominique Sanda, actress: Joseph, 1900, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The Conformist, A Gentle Woman.
New York City – Bobby McFerrin, pianist, jazz musician, songwriter, unaccompanied singer: acapella pop voices and instruments; Don’t Worry Be Happy (Grammy 1989).
El Paso Texas- Sam Donaldson, newsman: ABC News, This Week with David Brinkley, Primetime Live; former ABC White House correspondent.
Melbourne Australia- Rupert Murdoch, publisher, owns TV Guide, NY Post; Creator of 4th TV network, Fox.
England – A. Louise Brough, tennis champion: U.S. Open (1947), Australian Open (1950), Wimbledon (1948, 1949, 1950, 1955).
England – Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister (1964-1970, 1974-1976); politician: head of British Labour Party.
Strassburg Maryland – Lawrence Welk, bandleader: Calcutta, Tonight You Belong to Me, Weary Blues, Moritat; TV: The Lawrence Welk Show; developer: senior citizen retreat near San Diego, The Lawrence Welk Theater.
England – Malcolm Campbell, auto and boat racer: first to travel 300 mph in a car.
Italy – Torquato Tasso, poet: Jerusalem Delivered (Conquered).

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