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March 13

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1928 CANADIAN WOMAN LICENSED TO FLYHamilton, Ontario – Eileen Vollick 1899-1972 gets pilot’s licence; first Canadian woman to be a licensed pilot.

Also On This Day...

Montreal Quebec – FLQ terrorist Paul Rose given a life sentence for the non-capital murder of Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte during the October Crisis of 1970. His brother Jacques Rose, Francis Simard and Bernard Lortie also sentenced. In November, Rose also gets additional life term for kidnapping Laporte; granted full parole in 1982.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

St. Catherines Ontario – Robin Duke born; comedienne, SCTV, SNL A childhood friend of Catherine O’Hara, Duke appeared in many plays, underground films, and TV commercials (including a series for Pepsi, with O’Hara), before arriving at Second City in 1977. In 1980, she replaced O’Hara in the SCTV cast, as craftswoman Molly Earl, then became a cast member on Saturday Night Live, where she played characters like Wendy the Whiner and The Pig. For more, check out the Internet Movie Database
Also W.O. (William Ormonde) Mitchell 1914-1998
author, born on this day at Weyburn, Saskatchewan in 1914; dies in Calgary Feb. 23, 1998. Mitchell wrote stories such as the Jake and the Kid that deal humorously with the hardships of western Canadian prairie life in the fictional town of Crocus, Saskatchewan. They were dramatized from 1950-56 on the CBC. His 1947 novel, Who has Seen the Wind, is a Canadian classic. Alan King directed a film version in 1977, and Prairie artist William Kurelek illustrated a special edition in 1991. Other novels include The Kite (1962), The Vanishing Point (1973), How I Spent My Summer Holidays (1981) and Daisy Creek (1984).


In Other Canadian Events…
  – 1991
Ottawa Ontario – US President George Bush meets PM Brian Mulroney; signs Air Quality Agreement, committing both countries to curb emissions, pledging to end acid rain within 10 years; 150,000 Canadian lakes damaged; 15,000 considered dead.
– 1991
Munich Germany – Lloyd Eisler & Isabelle Brasseur again win silver medal for Pairs at World Figure Skating Championships.
– 1990
Edmonton Alberta – Federal Court of Appeal rules Oldman Dam review mandatory; $353 million dam 70% complete.
– 1989
Beaver River Alberta – Deborah Grey elected first Reform Party Member of Parliament in a bye-election in Beaver River.
– 1987
Washington DC – Washington Capitols score 5 goals against NHL Toronto Maple Leafs in 3 minutes, 3 seconds.
– 1978
Hull Quebec – CRTC rejects introduction of pay TV in Canada.
– 1974
Beaufort Sea NWT – Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Jean Chrétien 1934- bans off-shore drilling in Beaufort Sea until summer of 1976; to conduct environmental studies.
– 1967
Ottawa Ontario – Public Service Staff Relations Act provides new bargaining rights for over 20,000 public employees; civil servants win right to strike; Treasury Board now central management body
– 1964
United Nations New York – Canada agrees to contribute to UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus.
– 1961
Aldershott England – Major-General Allard the first Canadian to command a British army division..
– 1953
United Nations New York – USSR vetoes UN Security Council recommendation that Canada’s Lester Pearson be named Secretary General.
– 1940
Fredericton New Brunswick – Joseph Burns McNair succeeds A.A. Dysart as Liberal Premier of New Brunswick.
– 1927
Ottawa Ontario – Canada’s old-age pension bill gets Royal Assent.
– 1919
Calgary Alberta – Western International Labour Conference delegates vote to form ‘One Big Union’ (OBU); from four western provinces; meet to March 15.
– 1916
Winnipeg Manitoba – Manitoba the first province to vote for prohibition of alcoholic beverages.
– 1912
Quebec Quebec – Quebec Bulldogs sweep Moncton (NB) in 2 games for the Stanley Cup.
– 1909
Montreal Quebec – Donald Alexander Smith, Lord Strathcona 1820-1914 sets up Strathcona Trust, a fund for military training and cadet corps in schools.
– 1900
Fort Chipewyan NWT – James William Tyrrell 1863-1945 starts 2,782 km survey trek from Great Slave Lake to Chesterfield Inlet.
– 1885
Victoria BC – British Columbia Legislature passes Chinese Restriction; bans entry of Chinese immigrants; later ruled unconstitutional.
– 1859
Windsor Ontario – John Brown 1800-1859 brings first black slaves to Canada from the US via the Underground Railway; he is later made famous in a song, John Brown’s Body, about a raid he made on Harper’s Ferry, Virginia.
– 1521
Lisbon Portugal – Joao Alvarez Fagundes records his discoveries made the previous year at Chedabucto Bay and south coast of Newfoundland; with Lisbon notary. 
In World Events…
  – 1996
Dunblane Scotland – Gunman kills 16 children and a woman teacher at a school in Dunblane, before turning the gun on himself.
– 1992
Moscow Russia – Pravda ceases publication due to lack of funds; founded in 1912 by Lenin as the official newspaper of the Soviet Communist Party.
– 1991
Alaska – Exxon pays $1 billion dollars in fines and cleanup costs for the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
– 1990
Moscow Russia – Soviet Parliament votes to end 72 year political monopoly of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
– 1983
Los Angeles – Larry King premieres Larry King Live on CNN; former radio talk show host.
– 1979
Grenada – Gairy dictatorship in Grenada overthrown by New Jewel Movement.
– 1972
New York City – Merv Griffin Show premieres in syndication for Metromedia Television; successful after battles against Johnny Carson on CBS, Joey Bishop on ABC. Griffin later devised the Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy game shows.
– 1972
Beijing China – Britain and China resume full diplomatic relations after 22 years; after Britain agreed to withdraw consulate from Taiwan.
– 1970
Maynard Massachusetts – Digital Equipment Corp introduces the DEC PDP-11 minicomputer.
– 1970
Austria – Karl Schranz wins second straight FIS World Cup ski title.
– 1968
USA – The Byrds awarded gold record for album, Greatest Hits, which includes Turn! Turn! Turn! (written by Pete Seeger, excerpted from the Book of Ecclesiastes); Eight Miles High; Mr. Spaceman; Mr. Tambourine Man; All I Really Want To Do; and My Back Pages.
– 1965
England – Jeff Beck replaces Eric Clapton on the rock group The Yardbirds.
– 1964
New York City – Kitty Genovese stabbed to death in Queens as 40 neighbors look on.
– 1961
USA – Floyd Patterson KOs Swede Ingemar Johannson to retain Heavyweight Boxing Championship.
– 1961
Washington DC – President John F Kennedy sets up Alliance for Progress to provide aid to Latin American countries.
– 1951
USA – Hank Ketchum premieres Dennis the Menace comic strip in 18 newspapers.
– 1947
New York City – Musical Brigadoon premieres at the Ziegfeld Theatre; runs for 581 performances; later staged in London (1949); tunes include Almost Like Being in Love.
– 1943
New York City – Frank Dixon wins Knights of Columbus Mile in a record time of 4 minutes, 9.6 seconds; first great black miler.
– 1942
New York City – Bing Crosby and Mary Martin record Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie for Decca Records.
– 1938
Vienna Austria – New Austrian Chancellor Seyss-Inquart brings in law re-unifying Austria with the German Reich.
– 1930
USA – Clyde Tombaugh announces discovery of planet Pluto at Lowell Observatory.
– 1928
California – St. Francisquito Valley Dam bursts, killing 450.
– 1925
Memphis Tennessee – Tennessee legislature makes it unlawful to teach the science of evolution.
– 1921
Ulan Bator Mongolia – Mongolia declares independence from China.
– 1913
Kansas – Kansas legislature approves motion-picture censorship.
– 1906
USA – Susan B Anthony dies; American suffragist.
– 1904
Argentina/Chile – Bronze statue of Christ on Argentine-Chilean border dedicated.
– 1901
Indianapolis Indiana – Benjamin Harrison dies; 23rd President of the United States; only president to succeed and be succeeded by the same man – Grover Cleveland.
– 1894
England – J L Johnstone invents the horse racing starting gate.
– 1887
Farmington Maine – Chester Greenwood patents the earmuff.
– 1884
USA – Standard Time adopted in US; invented by Canadian engineer Sandford Fleming.
– 1881
St. Petersburg Russia – Czar Alexander II of Russia assassinated by bomb thrown at him near Winter Palace; hours after he agreed to call assembly of nobles.
– 1878
Cambridge England – Oxford defeats Cambridge in first inter-collegiate golf match.
– 1869
Little Rock Arkansas – Arkansas legislature passes anti Ku Klux Klan law.
– 1868
Washington DC – US Senate starts President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment trial.
– 1861
Montgomery Alabama – Confederate President Jefferson Davis signs bill allowing slaves to join army in exchange for freedom.
– 1852
New York City – New York Lantern weekly newspaper publishes first Uncle Sam cartoon, the work of Frank Henry Bellew.
– 1858
Italy – Italian revolutionary Felice Orsini executed for role in assassination attempt on Napoleon III of France.
– 1813
Stockholm Sweden – Sweden joins Grand Alliance against Napoleon and his allies.
– 1809
Stockholm Sweden – King Gustavus IV overthrown in coup d’etat; succeeded by uncle, Charles XIII.
– 1793
USA – Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin.
– 1781
London England – Sir William Herschel discovers the planet Georgium Sidus, later known as Uranus; German-born astronomer first thinks it is a comet.
– 1759
Global – 27th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet.
– 1677
Boston Massachusetts – Massachusetts gains title to the territory of Maine for $6,000.
– 1656
New York City – New Amsterdam Jews denied the right to build synagogue.
– 1639
Cambridge Massachusetts – Cambridge College renamed Harvard in honour of clergyman John Harvard.
– 1519
Mexico – Hernando Cortez lands in Mexico.
– 607 AD
Global – 12th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet. 
Today’s Global Birthdays…
  – 1960
Oxfordshire England – Adam Clayton, rock bassist: U2: Sunday Bloody Sunday, With You or Without You, I Will Follow.
– 1956
New York City – Dana Delany, actress: Colleen McMurphy in China Beach.
– 1955
Russia – Olga Rukavishnikova, pentathlete, won Olympic silver medal in 1980.
– 1939
Brooklyn New York – Neil Sedaka, songwriter, singer: Oh! Carol, The Diary, Stairway to Heaven, Calendar Girl, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen, Bad Blood, Laughter in The Rain.
– 1926
Argentina – Raul Alfonsin, President of Argentina 1983.
– 1917
England – Tessie O’Shea, actress: The Entertainers.
– 1914
Rocky River Ohio – Sammy Kaye, bandleader, Sammy Kaye Show (Swing & sway with Sammy Kaye); Too Young, “A” – You’re Adorable, Harbor Lights.
– 1913
USA – William J Casey, headed CIA during Iran-contra scandal 1981-87.
– 1911
USA – L Ron Hubbard, sci-fi writer, scientologist, founder: Church of Scientology; author: Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.
– 1908
Milwaukee Wisconsin – Walter Annenberg, publisher: Triangle, TV Guide.
– 1884
New Zealand – Hugh Walpole, novelist, critic, dramatist: Jeremy.
– 1860
USA – Percival Lowell, astronomer, founder: Lowell Observatory; predicted discovery of Pluto.
– 1855
Windisch-Graz Austria – Hugo Wolf, composer.
– 1764
England – Joseph Priestley, clergyman, chemist, discovered oxygen.
– 1764
England – Charles, Earl Grey, British Whig PM 1830-34.

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