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March 14

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
Regina Saskatchewan – Pete Parker, of CKCK Radio Regina, does the world’s first play-by-play radio broadcast of a professional hockey game, as Edmonton beats Regina 1-0.

And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Megan Follows 1969-
actress, was born on this day at Toronto Ontario in 1969. Follows started her acting career doing commercials at age 9; she is best known for her role as Anne Shirley in Anne of Avonlea (Gemini 1987) and Anne of Green Gables (Gemini 1985). Her father Ted Follows, mother Dawn Greenhalgh, and sister Samantha are all actors; her other sister, Edwina, is a producer and writer; and her brother Laurence is a producer. She has appeared recently at Stratford in Romeo and Juliet.


In Other Canadian Birthdays...

Emily Murphy 1868-1933
journalist, judge, was born on this day at Cookstown Ontario in 1868; died in Edmonton in 1933. A newspaper writer (Janey Canuck), Murphy was appointed police magistrate for Edmonton in 1916, making her the British Empire’s and Canada’s first female judge. She was one of those women who took part in the symbolic Persons Case before Britain’s Privy Council in 1929, to confirm that women were indeed ‘persons’ under the BNA Act.
Also K. C. (Kenneth Colin) Irving 1899-1992
entrepreneur, was born on this day at Buchtouche, NB in 1899; dies Dec 13, 1992 in Saint John. Irving’s vast business empire still dominates the economy of New Brunswick, where he at one time employed 1 out of every 12 workers.


In Other Events…
1997 Quebec Quebec – Quebec City Chamber of Commerce spends $500,000 for 20-room house formerly used by ex-Premier Jacques Parizeau as an official residence; Lucien Bouchard refused to move in.
1991 Munich Germany – Kurt Browning wins third consecutive World Figure Skating title over Victor Petrenko of Soviet Union; from Caroline, Alberta
1984 Ottawa Ontario – Marc Garneau 1949- named first Canadian to go into space; member of the Canadian Space Agency’s Canadian Astronaut Program.
1979 Edmonton Alberta – Peter Lougheed 1928- wins third term in provincial election.
1978 Ottawa Ontario – Statistics Canada reports unemployment passed the 1,000,000 mark in February for the first time.
1974 Quebec Quebec – Quebec to make French the official language of the province.
1970 Montreal Quebec – Eight Trinidad students convicted of conspiracy to obstruct computer centre at Sir George Williams University [now part of Concordia]; fined a total of $32,500 or up to four years in prison; ordered deported.
1969 Mill Village Nova Scotia – Canada opens second satellite-tracking ground station at Mill Village.
1966 Ottawa Ontario – Justice Wishart Flett Spence chairs Royal Commission to investigate Gerda Munsinger case and security risk; reports September, 1966.
1962 Detroit Michigan – Red Wings Gordie Howe the second NHLer to score 500 goals, after Maurice Richard.
1961 Toronto Ontario – Founding of Massey College, centre for graduate studies at the University of Toronto; Robertson Davies will be appointed Master.
1959 Ottawa Ontario – Prime Minister John Diefenbaker rejects Newfoundland Premier Joey Smallwood’s request for a royal commission on Newfoundland labor problems.
1946 Montreal Quebec – Labor-Progressive MP Fred Rose arrested for conspiracy to transmit wartime secrets to the Soviet Union; sentenced to 6 years in prison for spying; result of Gouzenko revelations.
1916 Regina Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan gives women the provincial vote.
1907 Quebec – Quebec government opens technical schools at Montreal and Quebec.
1903 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa Silver 7 sweep Rat Portage (Kenora) Thistles for Stanley Cup.
1899 Montreal Quebec – Montreal Shamrocks beat Queens University (Kingston) for the Stanley Cup.
1892 Ottawa Ontario – Government appoints Royal Commission to investigate the sale of liquor.
1879 Ottawa Ontario – Samuel Leonard Tilley 1818-1896 brings in average 25% tariff on US goods; if US repeals or lowers duties, Canada will match them. This is the Conservative Party’s National Policy of Protection.
1843 Victoria BC – James Douglas 1803-1877 lands at Clover Point on Vancouver Island with 15 men to build new Hudson’s Bay Company Fort Camosun (later Victoria); moving HBC trade headquarters from Fort Vancouver (now in Washington State)
1808 Quebec Quebec – Lower Canada House of Assembly expels Jewish member, Ezekiel Hart, for invalidating his oath by substituting the word ‘Jewish’ for ‘Christian’.
1782 Quebec Quebec – John Johnson 1742-1830 named Superintendent General of Indian Affairs.
1746 London England – Charles Knowles 1704-1777 appointed Governor of Cape Breton Island, serves from June 2, 1746 to November 30, 1747.

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