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March 15

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1603 CHAMPLAIN'S FIRST TRIP TO CANADAHonfleur France – Samuel de Champlain c1570-1635 leaves Honfleur with Gravé du Pont and Pierre de Monts on de Chaste’s ship ‘Bonne Renommé’; his first major voyage to Canada.

And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

David Cronenberg 1943-
film director, was born on this day at Toronto in 1943. First producing films with revolting special effects, such as They Came From Within (1975), Cronenberg has graduated to more palatable productions such as Videodrome (1983), Dead Ringers (1988 – that’s him in the picture, directing Jeremy Irons), Naked Lunch (1992) and Crash (1996), which won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. For more on Canada’s controversial director, check out this British fan page or the Internet Movie Database.


And in Other Canadian Birthdays...

Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of Aberdeen 1857-1939
chatelaine, reformer, was born on this day at London England in 1857; died in Aberdeen April 18, 1939. The wife of Governor General the Earl of Aberdeen, Lady Aberdeen was a radical democrat with a social conscience; during her stay in Canada, she helped form Canada’s National Council of Women, and with them, the Victorian Order of Nurses (1897).
Also Sybil Adelman 1942-
screen/scriptwriter, was born on this day in 1942; known for her work on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Alice.

Also Colin McPhee 1901-
composer, was born on this day at Montreal in 1899; composer of H2O, Mechanical Principles.

In Other Events…
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Solicitor General Pierre Cadieux announces that Sikhs in the RCMP can wear turbans and other religious garb while in uniform.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa scraps gas export test; companies no longer need to prove exports beneficial.
1980 Dortmund West Germany – Tracey Wainman, age 12, the youngest Canadian skater to compete in a world championship.
1973 Alberta – Alberta Indians awarded $190,000 settlement in back payment of ammunition money promised to them under their 1877 treaty; sum of $2,000 should have been paid annually.
1972 Edmonton Alberta – First radio and TV coverage of regular sittings of the Alberta legislature.
1970 Boston Massachusetts – Boston Bruin Bobby Orr picks up four points against Detroit, to become the first NHL defenceman to score 100 points in a season; from Parry Sound, Ontario.
1968 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa suspends gold trading by Canadian banks and dealers; to dampen speculation.
1964 Montreal Quebec – Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton marry for the first time, in a civil ceremony in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel; her fifth marriage, his second.
1962 Prague Czech Republic – Donald Jackson first in the world to land a triple lutz jump in figure skating competition; gives him a gold medal at the world championships.
1943 Freetown, Sierra Leone – Canadian Pacific steamer, Empress of Canada, torpedoed by German U-Boat and sunk off the coast of West Africa, with the loss of 400 lives.
1906 Edmonton Alberta – Alberta legislature opens first session in temporary quarters at the Thistle skating rink.
1894 Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia votes for prohibition of alcoholic beverages.
1894 Ottawa Ontario – Fourth session of 7th Parliament meets until July 23; protects young offenders in prisons by ordering separation from older prisoners, cuts duty on tea imported from UK.
1871 Winnipeg Manitoba – Manitoba legislature opens its first session as a province.
1870 Winnipeg Manitoba – Alexandre-Antonin Taché 1823-1894, Bishop of St. Boniface, meets Metis council at Fort Garry; new list of rights includes claim for separate schools.
1843 Victoria BC – Jean-Baptiste-Zacharie Bolduc 1818-1889 appointed first priest on Vancouver Island.
1827 Cambridge Ontario – Absolom Shade’s village of Shade’s Mills becomes town of Galt; named after John Galt of the Canada Company; now part of Cambridge.
1827 Toronto Ontario – Royal Charter granted to King’s College; now University of Toronto
1744 Paris France – France declares war on Britain, in War of the Austrian Succession; called King William’s War in North America; to Oct. 14, 1748.
1657 Quebec – Mother Giffard de Saint-lgnace dies; first Canadian woman to take religious vows.
1615 Bristol England – William Baffin c1584-1622 sails as pilot and mapmaker in the Discovery, Captain Robert Bylot, on first voyage to Hudson Bay; charts Hudson Strait, west end of Southampton Island, and Foxe Channel.

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