George T Fraser….Home Atlast…



Brighton Ont.

Born Alder point N.S

June 15 1934   Passed   July 18 2011

Leaving home at the age of 14 with only enough money to get to Toronto he joined the Merchant ships sailing the great lakes.

Saving his money he bought his own truck to haul wood and rock at 16, and began a trucking business. He explained that was one of his prouder moments to own his own business.

Moving on quickly he joined the Royal Canadian Navy and began a career as a seamen rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in a 28 year career with his wife Carmen by his side. Twenty eight moves in twenty eight years.

Retiring   from the military still a young man, George quickly was employed again .This time in his second love, the sports industry.    Landing a job with the Canadian Games, as the Managing Director. Traveling from Vancouver to New Brunswick   to carry out  his  role. Living in New Brunswick  landed George a job with the trucking industry with Brookville transport, as their director of safety. Something that George seemed to have a great passion for! Safety and trucks.

This new job made George a shoe in for the insurance industry and soon he was working for Boreal insurance as there loss prevention manager for the trucking end of things. Forced to retire at 65 he decided to go on alone and started FCA ( Fraser Consulting Agency) . He became a leader in the trucking industry for loss prevention and  trucking safety.

Working  closely with quite a few trucking companies George began to work solely for Sharp Transportation and there owner and close friend Shawn  Baird .

Able to work from home George was able to research  and write  many books on family history, his love for family and his roots. Also writing a book on Alder Point Nova Scotia.  Cape Breton Island his first love, and where he longed to be. As if he was  not busy enough , he started and maintained a blog called Cape Breton news which gave everyone a chance to stay in touch with what was going on back home.

He was a very busy man right up till the very end.

I’m sure where ever he may be now he is having a cup of boiled tea and lobster tail.

Pre-deceased by,  Mother Viola   Father Simon.

Survived by his wife of 56 years Carmen (Mcneil) Fraser 

Sisters, Shirley Cahill, Mina MacLennan, Judy Macready, Ginny Laffin, Marilyn Broderick , Eleanor Shaw.

Brothers  Simon and Derrick.

Many nieces and nephews  .

We love you always George.

Home at last to Cape Breton. Two thumbs up!

Donations appreciated to the Canadian Cancer Foundation.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mark watson on July 25, 2011 at 16:02

    Greatest Man i Have ever had the priledge to meet and love…Mark


  2. Posted by mark watson on July 25, 2011 at 16:04

    Greatest Man i Have ever had the privilege to meet and love…Mark tears in eyes…


  3. Posted by Patricia Fraser on July 27, 2011 at 12:11

    My dear cousin I shall miss you terrible ,I will remember your wonderdful sense of humour especially when we were doing research on our Family .You did have a way with words and I shall remember them whenever I get down in the dumps ,they will make me smile .Till we meet again .Your Cousin Patricia Fraser


  4. Posted by marilyn broderick on August 11, 2011 at 20:16

    Ditto mark He was a wonderful great man & was loved dearly


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