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4th Row – Bernice Ferguson, Helen Buchanan, Mary Lavery, (Willie V ??)

3rd Row – Rita MacNeil, Ann Devoe, Christina Jessome, M MacNeil, Fr. Kyte, Anne Howley, Gert Laffin,  ?,  ?, Mary Day

2nd Row – Theresa MacDonald, Anne Beaton (wife of Peter Beaton), M Boyd, K Howley, Flo Coady,  Sis Vickers

1st Row – Mary Stapleton, Gwen Tobin, Kate Howley, Marie Howley, Meryl Boutilier, (Meryl is Gwen Tobin’s daughter)

(Names courtesy of Joe and Anne Lavery)

(I find it strange Fr. Kyte is not wearing the Roman Collar although he doesnt have to – CAPER)



Glace Bay native elected to top position with the Salvation Army


Linda Bond Promoted to General in the Salvation Army


Submitted by the Salvation Army

Linda Bond, a native of Glace Bay who now lives in Australia, was elected world leader of the Salvation Army this week.

GLACE BAY — Having a “general” in the family has led to lots of discussion among Linda Bond’s family.

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The Salvation Army , Christian ministry , Halifax North Corps , Glace Bay , Eighth Street , New Aberdeen

The Salvation Army has named Bond, 64, as its new world leader and 19th general.

“We wondered, ‘How are we going to feel when the general walks in, how are we going to treat her?’” said Bond’s sister Audrey Mugford of Glace Bay.

“Then my sister said, ‘We treat her like … our sister.’”

Mugford said family from across the country have been calling each other this week, excited by the news.

Mugford said there are 11 siblings in the family and they grew up on the corner of Eighth Street in New Aberdeen.

“Linda is very dedicated, it is like she is married to the Lord,” said Mugford, who spoke to her sister since her new job was announced.

“She is very easy to get along with, very unique, you like to be in her company.”

It has been three years since Mugford saw her sister.

“She is coming in June and we are excited about that.”

Rhonda Harrington, a spokesperson for the Salvation Army Maritime division, explained that Bond now holds the top position in the Army.

“She is the head of the more than one million Salvationists in 123 countries.”

Harrington said Bond is the third woman, fourth Canadian and first Maritimer to ever hold this post in the Army.

“She is coming in June and we are excited about that.” – Audrey Mugford

“How exciting it is to have one of our own people from the Maritimes hold this position. It is such an honour for us in the Maritimes to know one of our own is leading the way.”

Bond has 42 years of experience in Christian ministry and leadership and past service includes corps officer of Halifax North Corps (now Fairview Citadel) from 1976-78,secretary of the Maritime Division from 1991-93 and commander of the Maritime Division from 1993-95.

Most recently she has been heading up the church and registered charity’s work in the Australian Eastern Territory.

Bond was elected general by the high council of the Salvation Army, which is comprised of senior leaders from around the world. The high council met this week in England. 

She will have the title general-elect pending the April retirement of the current world leader, Gen. Shaw Clifton.

The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in Canada in 1882.


Justin and Al Dugas – Alder Point

J. Allan Dugas

Born in: Alder Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

Passed away in: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Passed away on: 26/10/2010

The funeral service for ‘Al’ Dugas, who passed away Oct. 16, 2010,
will be held Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010, at St. Anne’s Church in Alder
Point at 10:30 a.m.
A reception at the Alder Point Community Hall will follow the service.

Al Dugas and Friends – Nanaimo, B.C.



Beautiful to look at

Hey, do you remember when it was compulsory or at least I thought so for women to wear hats in church? A lady would not enter a church without a hat. On the rare occasion when she did you would find her scurrying around looking for a head scarf or hankie to cover her head before entering the Place of God.

Bermudian Ladies on their way to Church

Last time I saw all ladies wearing hats to church was when stationed in Bermuda. I don’t know where they got them but they were beautiful and everyone was different. Even the small children wore hats and everyone dressed in their Sunday best.  It was beautiful to see. By the way in Bermuda it was very rare to see local Bermuda men in church – they were normally washing and shining their cars or at a football or cricket match.

Bring on de Black Rum Mon



Who is that Masked Man?



Protected Harbour – Pleasant Bay

Pleasant Bay, the first, permitted settlers where in1828, John MacLean,and Donald Mackintoch from the Isle of Skye, Scotland . They were soon joined by other Scottish and Irish immigrants who claimed most of the coastal lowlands, by 1850 settlements spread out and Red River became part of Pleasant Bay. The first land grants were given to Edward Timmons and John Hinkley in 1856.


Pleasant Bay version of a Yard Sale – Lots of Trasures Here

In the past, years where remembered because of extraordinary events at sea. 1874 was the “Year of the Flour”, when barrels of flour washed ashore, presumably from a burning ship. 1875 was the “Year of the Butter”, in which a thousand pounds of butter, in tins, floated in with the tide. 1931 perhaps the most talked of, was the “Year of the Rum”, when dozens of barrels of contraband rum from a capsized ship made their way to the shore… unbroken.

Today, about 350 people live in Pleasant Bay. Fishing is the main livelihood — lobster in spring and cod, crab and mackerel in summer and fall. This life away from the pressures of the city is a gift that the residents do treasure. Autumn is a spectacular time of the year to enjoy the vibrant red, yellow and orange hues of the forests continuing on for miles, reminding you of a beautiful patchwork quilt. Winter life involves mending lobster traps for the next season, snowmobiling, visiting, and cross country skiing. Winter roads are maintained by the National Park through the mountains and the Department of Transportation in the village.


Safe Harbour – Pleasant Bay

The roads are very well maintained to ensure safe travel of students to school in Cheticamp and the delivery of mail. Shopping, banking, medical and dental appointments are completed in Cheticamp, Sydney, or Halifax.. Pleasant Bay is a wondrous oasis for hiking ,fresh seafood , and peaceful encounters in nature . The forest land abounds in many species of birds, coyotes, fox, snowshoe hare, and of course moose. So breath in the salt air, pick wild flowers and blueberries, watch eagles soar, and talk to friendly helpful residents. 

 The Gampo Abbey (a Buddhist Monastery) in Pleasant Bay was founded in 1984, as a place where individuals could explore monastic life by taking vows on a temporary or life-long basis. Located on 230 acres of woodland overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the abbey offers solitude and earthly splendor which are ideal for contemplation, meditation and study.

Drop by and Cleanse Your Soul

Year Round Operation
Jun 15 to Sep 15: Monday to Friday guided tours 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Hours of Operation:

Grounds are open anytime.

Red River Road
Pleasant Bay,
Nova Scotia B0E 2P0

Phone 902-224-2752


Lawyers to present pretrial motions Nov. 22 in bishop’s child porn case


Himself – In Better Times

News Update

OTTAWA — Lawyers have agreed to present pretrial motions Nov. 22 in the child-pornography case involving Roman Catholic Bishop Raymond Lahey.

Topics :

Ottawa , Antigonish , Mount Cashel

Prosecution and defence lawyers appeared briefly in front of a judge today and confirmed Lahey’s trial will proceed next April 26.

It is expected to last two weeks.

Lahey was charged in September 2009 with possessing and importing child pornography, 10 days after he was detained at Ottawa airport as he arrived from Britain.

The 70-year-old bishop, who stepped down as head of the Catholic diocese in Antigonish, N.S., has been staying with other priests in Ottawa since he was granted bail in October 2009.

Police say they found hundreds of files and dozens of videos on Lahey’s laptop, many of them showing young males engaged in sex acts.

Lahey is also fighting claims of sexual assault made in a civil lawsuit filed by Todd Boland in Newfoundland.

The former Mount Cashel resident has accused Lahey in court documents of simulated anal intercourse, sexual rubbing and fondling in the 1980s.

None of the allegations has been proven in court, and no related criminal charges have been filed.

Lahey has denied the claims.

(Cape Breton Post)